Artist: Chris Caffery
   Title: House Of Insanity
   Label: AFM Records

As one of the most respected metal guitarist around Chris Caffery has been an integral part of Savatage and TSO, but his solo material has edged away from those bands and has always shown the true nature of the man and his guitar playing.  This is highlighted once again with his latest release 'House Of Insanity' where he takes his guitar playing to new heights and his combination with Zak Stevens, Caffery has brought out that raw energy heard on Savatage’s early albums such as 'Power of the Night' and 'Sirens'.

The album opens up with ‘Seasons Change’ and straight away those instantly recognisable Caffery licks come spewing out of the speakers like an old friend, taking you to a simpler time when metal was metal and towering riffs and a tremendous back beat was all that mattered to a young metalhead.

The title track ‘House Of Insanity’ again delivers a great touch of Caffery's guitars, high energy licks wrapped around impossible rhythms and in Steven’s the perfect backboard to bounce those riffs off.

‘I Won’t Know’ is another Steven’s and Caffery duetting classic, as the pair bring out all the best of the early Savatage styles and slap a modern twist on things.  Great stuff.  Caffery has always been known for his spellbinding riffs and licks and they are in abundance on this album.  The album continues with ‘The Fleas’ and slows down just for a moment with seminal ballad ‘Madonna’, on which Steven’s shines once again.

Then you come to the all out metal shredding of ‘Big Brother’, where Caffery is let loose to do what he does best, a real slice of great modern metal.

Caffery really shows he can mix it up with the best six string masters as he takes a melodic metal path with my favourite track off the album the sublime ‘Backs To The Wall’.  Not particularly an all out metal track, but a harmonious slice of gentle melodic metal that is just superb.

One track that really could have been from the glory days of Savatage is ‘Solitaire’.  If it wasn’t for 'Backs To The Wall’ then this would have been my track of the album.  If I had to pick not one but three outstanding tracks off this album then the next one would come in at number three, after 'Backs To The Wall' and 'Solitaire'.  That track is ‘I’m Sorry’, a great track full of haunting melodies, deep thumping drums and bass tones all adding to the dark feel of the track.

The pace is picked up once again with ‘Shame’ before simmering down with the reflective semi-acoustic tones of ‘Winter In Hamburg’, before journeying into the funk ridden blues of ‘No Matter What.

The album closes with a stomping cover of ‘Get Up, Stand Up’, which wraps up another great solo Caffery album.  For all those who are still waiting for another Savatage album to be released, check this one, out it will fill that gap.  


1. Seasons Change
2. House Of Insanity
3. I Won’t Know
4. The Fleas
5. Madonna
6. Big Brother
7. Back’s To The Wall
8. Solitaire
9. I’m Sorry
10. Shame
11. Winter In Hamburg
12. No Matter What
13. Get Up, Stand Up



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