Artist: Calamus
   Title: The Same Old Demons
   Label: Bad Reptation

Hailing from Heidelberg Germany, Calamus have a mission to bring German stoner rock to the masses.  Ever since their formation back in 95, the band have seen themselves on many record labels with varying degrees of success.  Now Bad Reputation Records aims to take these German metallers to the next level with their new release ‘The Same Old Demons’.

The bands Sabbath style of heavy bass lines mixed with some punk elements and with just a little classic rock all make for interesting listening.

The album opens up with ‘Ride The Night’, a track that has an immediate impact on the listener as the infectious stoner bass and the impeccable vocals hit your unsuspecting eardrums.

The band are more than a one trick pony though, they mix classic rock with that modern stoner rock sound so well and add just a hint of punk to add another dimension to their sound.  From the more down beat songs like ‘Make You Cry’ and ‘Who’s Gonna Lie To Me’, to the more up beat tracks like ‘Space Queen’ and the excellent ‘Devils Run’, the whole stoner genre is set to be turned on its head by Calamus. 

  1. Ride The Night
  2. Once More
  3. Make You Cry
  4. Who's Gonna Lie To Me
  5. Speed Queen
  6. All Fear
  7. Six Feet Down
  8. Sunshine
  9. Devil's Run



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