Artist:  Canvas Solaris
   Title: Cortical Tectonics
   Label: Sensory

Cortical Tectonics is the follow up to the bands 'Penumbra Defuse' release of last year and carries on the bands fusion of heavy duty bass, drums and metal guitar with their new found progressive elements that were in abundance on the 'Penumbra Defuse' release and the trio once again expand the boundaries of Progressive Rock once again with this new album.

The album may be only six tracks long but each one is an expansion of the minds of Nathan Sapp, Ben Simpkin and Hunter Ginn, as things get underway with ‘Berserker Hypothesis’ this strange fusion of dominant heavy bass tones with some quite sublime guitar and drums will find the listener either reaching for the off button or if you're more like minded, waiting to see how this album progresses.

The bands experimental feel might not be to everyone’s tastes but you have to admire their tenacity to bring something different to the world of relentless yawn inducing solo’s that can accompany many of the more traditional Prog Rock albums.  They carry on the heavier stuff with ‘Sinusoid Mirage’, again with Sapp and Simpkin spewing out the relentless riffs and the pounding back beat of Ginn bringing up the rear guard action.

After the heady tones of the two opening tracks things get a little more atmospheric with ‘Interface’, anyone who's got 'Penumbra Defuse' will remember the heavy use of the glockenspiel.  This strange use of cosmic rhythm is once again present on this track but isn’t used as profusely as on the bands previous release.  What is also present on this track is the use of syth’s which gives the piece that atmospheric prog feel.

‘Gamma Knife’ returns to the more heavier stuff with Ginn laying down a monster double kick assault with the guitars rampaging in unison, that at one point they almost fuse together in a cacophony of sound.  This is a sharp contrast to the guitar work on the next track ‘Rhizome’, which starts off with a flurry but then breaks into a more gentle restful tone, which when combined with the mystic keyboards makes for a rest bite from the heaver vibe, but this is a short break as the more metal guitar sound comes into play, but it lacks the intensity of the previous piece and is more easier on the ear.

The album closes with the seventeen minute ‘Reticular Consciousness’, this track encompasses the whole feel of Canvas Solaris sound as the many elements are brought together in medley of different vibes, from the traditional to the organic, to the down right obscure, and rounds off another album of sheer indulgence by the trio who once again refuse to kneel down before the musical genre gods and remain firmly as an individual entity. 


Berserker Hypothesis
Sinusoid Mirage
Gamma Knife
Reticular Consciousness




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