Artist:  Canvas Solaris
   Title: Penumbra Diffuse
   Label: Sensory

Once again Sensory Records have taken under their wing something strange and alluring at the same time.  After dropping their vocalist and concentrating on the musical side rather than the lyrical, Canvas Solaris throw caution to the wind with this latest release.

Penumbra Diffuse lets the band speak to you without words through their music.  Even though you know there aren’t any lyrics you still find yourself anticipating some sort of vocal arrangement, but it never comes.

The album itself is hard to define and hard to put into words.  The sound is very space age at times and would make an excellent movie soundtrack.

And what about the titles of the tracks, they are just as imaginative as the music with the likes of ‘Panoramic Long - Range Vertigo’, ‘Accidents In Mutual Silence’, and the tongue twister ‘Psychotropic Resonance’, don’t they just flow off the tongue?

If you want something different, something to play as background music to make everyday chores seem less mundane then check out Canvas Solaris and let them be the soundtrack of your life.



1.  Panoramic Long - Range Vertigo
2.  Horizontal Radiant
3.  Accidents in mutual Silence
4.  Vaihayasa
5. To Fracture
6. Psychotropic Resonance
7. Luminescence







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