Artist: Captain Murphy
   Title: Human Cannonball
   Label: Wild Kingdom

Hailing from Stockholm, Swedish rockers Captain Murphy return with their new album 'Human Cannonball'.  Another piece of 70's nostalgia filled rock very reminiscent of T-Rex and early Cream.  The band wear their influences on their sleeves with this release as they offer up eleven laid back rock songs of the highest calibre.

The album opens up with the title track ‘Human Cannonball Pt 2’ and instantly that 70’s vibe hits you smack in the face as frontman Sonny Boy Gustafsson unleashes those immaculate smouldering vocals, very Bolan like.

Things continue with ‘I Belong To Girls’.  This is another very T-Rexy style track that  has a little MC5 mixed in for good measure.  None of the songs on the album could be described as epics, but what you do get is pure feel good tracks that take you back to bygone days when life was less complicated and less idealistic.

‘Leaving All The Dead Behind’ delves into the Cream sound a real funky feel to this one and reminds me also of fellow Swedes Diamond Dogs.

Keeping that simple feel to the music doesn’t come any easier that the fantastically titled ‘Ooh Ah Wap Shee Wah Yeah’, a real up tempo rocker that is as addictive as they get.  You’ll find yourself singing the chorus without realising it, such is the feel good factor of this track.

The album continues with another slice of 70’s retro with the Ziggy like ‘Space Is A Cold And Lonely Place’ and the funk ridden ‘Lost Little Chrissy’.

The tempo remains on the up with ‘Sioux Rocker’, another slice of MC5 meets the New York Dolls, before it's time for the excellent ‘Stuzie’ with its Sergeant Peppers feel and the more modern rocker, but equally flamboyant ‘Don’t Believe In ‘Em People’.

The album comes to a close with another up-tempo rocker, this time mixing that 70’s sound with a touch of Ska on ‘The Mighty Plan’ and the riff strewn ‘Stockholm Or Bust’.  Both of which round off a great feel good summer time rocker of an album, which is bit like a Chinese meal you feel satisfied at the time but within half an hour you're hungry for more.


1. Human Cannonball Part Two
2. I Belong To The Girls
3. Leaving All The Dead Behind
4. Ooh Ah Wap Shee Wah Yeah!
5. Space Is A Cold And Lonely Place 
6. Lost Little Chrissy
7. Sioux Rocker 
8. Stuzie
9. Don't Believe In 'Em People
10. The Mighty Plan
11. Stockholm Or Bust



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