Artist: Patrik Carlsson
   Title: Melodic Travel
   Label: Lion Music

Following on from his 2004 debut release ‘Phraseology’, Swedish guitar maestro Patrik Carlsson returns with his latest album ‘Melodic Travel’.

The album name is no accident as that is what this album, is a journey along a melodic path, with just a few stops along the way to take in just a hint of folk and jazz for good measure.

This album is full of varying tones and pitches, rhymes and reasons, that will both enthral and puzzle the listener, as Carlsson takes you through sixteen magical tracks of sheer guitar bliss.

The album opens up with ‘Settlers Pleasure’ and in an instant your journey begins as Carlsson puts his Vai and Satriani influences through their paces with a powerful statement of soulful riffs and varying tempo changes.

The journey continues with the excellent ‘Battlefield’, as this track unfolds you can almost smell the gun smoke as you start to visualize the blood strewn battleground in your minds eye.  This has to be one of my favourite pieces from the album.

The album turns another corner with ‘Kristina’s Song’ with its more gentle, almost folk rock feel to this one, you can imagine this one being played on an electric fiddle rather than a guitar.

Such is the diversity of the material on this album one time your rocking to some great melodic rock guitar then suddenly your dancing around the campfire to some gypsy folk music with ‘Caribbean Uptempo’, before you're taking on a magic carpet ride that is ‘Gate To Heaven’, and so the journey continues along these many different paths.

Those jazz undertones I spoke of earlier are very prominent with the next track ‘Liberty City’ and raise their heads once again on ‘Luxian Minor’.  The album takes a notable blues direction with the easy listening feel of ‘Archipelago Blues’, with the blues soon giving way to the jazz guitars once again with the majestic ‘Night Vision’.

The more traditional guitar album fans may be somewhat over awed by what has gone before, but things get back on track with ‘a Great A’, ‘Hip and Melodic’ and the mellow tones of ‘Desederia’.

The varying world influences continue throughout the album but none more so than with the typically Parisian tones of ‘Happy Quarter’ and the Latino feel of ‘Spanish Vaganza’, plus another of my favourite tracks the sublime ‘Naboo’, which is squeezed in between.

This musical journey comes to an end with ‘Silence’, a great track to put on after a hard day when you just want to unwind with a glass of wine some dim lighting and that someone special by your side.

This album may not make Carlsson a household name, but it will surely get his name mentioned around the guitar magazines and with fellow guitarists and musicians around the world.


1. Settler's Pleasure
2. Battlefield
3. Kristina's Song
4. Caribbean Uptempo
5. Gate To Heaven
6. Liberty City
7. Luxian Minor
8. Archipelago Blues
9. Night Vision
10. The Great A
11. Hip 'n Melodic
12. Desederia
13. Happy Quarter
14. Naboo
15. Spanish Vaganza
16. Silence 


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