Artist: Chris Catena
   Title: Discovery
   Label: Escape Music

Ever since his 2004 album 'Freak Out' the name of Chris Catena has been linked with some of the biggest names in the Melodic Rock world, not just on that album but Catena has also worked with Glen Hughes, Stevie Salis, Bruce Kulick, and on Moonstone Project’s debut album ‘Time’ and Vitalij Kuprij’s ‘REVENGE’ along with Joe Lynn Turner, Doogie White and Goran Edman, the list goes on and on.

In 2008 we again see Catena teaming up with another A-list of who's who in rock for his latest release, a concept piece entitled ‘Discovery’, featuring  the likes of Bobby Kimball, Janne Stark, Earl Slick, Tommy Denander, Pat Travers, Marco Sarzo, Bruce Kulick to name just a few, even The Rome Philharmonic Orchestra gets in on the album.  With a line-up as mouth-watering as this I couldn’t wait to listen to this album and was it worthy of such big names YOU BET IT WAS!

The album gets underway with an amazing intro ‘Theme From Discovery’ this really sets the mood for what is a quite extraordinary album.  The album starts properly with ‘Freedom Bound’, a real belter of an opener that rocks big style and raises the bar in a world of far too many mediocre melodic rock albums.  It's just a pity that the promo copy doesn’t state who plays what instruments on each track, although I’m sure the full album will have listed all the information you need so I’ll just tell you what to expect from track to track.

The album continues to impress with the down beat tones of ‘The Chosen One’.  This song has a very deep bluesy Whitesnake/Purple feel to it.  Next it's time to really funk things up with ‘New Dimension’, a great track full of fantastic bass lines and a great solo midsection.

After the spacey segue entitled ‘The Flight’.  This sublime album continues its rocky path with the excellent ‘The Spacefreak King’, again there is an early Deep Purple feel to this one but with a few modern takes along the way.

The album does take time to slow the pace down a touch with the riff filled modern ballad ‘The Last Goodbye’ and another slice of pure Melodic Rock entitled ‘The Flight (Reprise)’ complete with bongo’s, before it's into one of my favourite tracks ‘Hot Damn Mercy Man’, this one is just excellent and really rocks big style.

It's hard pick out one outstanding track from this album as they are all excellent but if I had to choose then it would be between the slow-burning melodies of ‘Resurrection’ and the up tempo rocker ‘Cosmic Girl’, both very different songs but both equally great.

‘Forgive Me’ is another memorable ballad that sweeps the listener away on a virtual cosmic cloud of great guitar licks and fantastic enduring vocals.

The more mellow feel to the album continues with ‘Memories’ and instrumental ‘The Space’ with its spellbinding keyboards.  ‘1’45’’. To Mother Earth (The Return)' could have been taken straight out off Pink Floyd’s 'Darkside Of The Moon', it can only really be described as P.D.C. (Pretty Damn Cosmic!).

That same cosmic feel is continued with the another segue entitled ‘Landing (All Of My Dreams Have Come True)’ before ‘Back To Life Again’, another soaring haunting ballad that brings us nicely to the final piece of the album ‘Comin Home’, another heavily Floyd influenced piece which rounds off a great concept album.

This is truly a remarkable album and one that simply can't be ignored.  To truly enjoy this album you need to set the mood.  Lock the doors, dim the lights, get out a couple of bottles of your favourite wine (well you don’t want to get up half way through for another bottle).  Put on the headphones and let yourself drift away to the far off world that Catena and friends have brought to life.



1 Theme From "Discovery"
2 Freedom Bound
3 The Chosen One
4 New Dimension
5 The Flight
6 The Spacefreak King
7 The Flight (Reprise)
8 Hot Damn Mercy Man
9 Resurrection
10 Cosmic Girl
11 Forgive Me 
12 Open Letter
13 Memories
14 The Space
15 1'45". To Mother Earth (The Return)
16 Landing (All Of My Dreams Have Come True)
17 Back To life Again
18 Comin' Home



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