Artist: Bob Catley
   Title: Immortal
   Label: Frontiers Records 

Does this man ever take a break? Still going strong after 30 years or so of being lead singer with some peoples favourite other band MAGNUM, stints in Hard Rain, and allowing himself the pleasure of solo artist where he has now released his 6th album to date, ’Immortal’.

There is a big operatic sounding influence throughout the album, all plush, grand orchestrated beginnings and mid sections to some of the songs, whilst the hard rock is not forgotten for one minute.  ’Dreamers’ is a prime example, all haunting choir and orchestration at the start before a thumping drum roll sends you on the way through a rock song of pure energy due to guitar solos and Catley’s often phased vocals, giving it his all as usual. 

Another atmospheric starter is ‘We Are Immortal’, which again calms you before slamming drum work and guitars take over, showing that what you know to be best IS best, and this powerhouse of a song wont get any complaints from anyone.  For the lighters-to –the –sky fans, there are the classy rock ballads that take some beating, ’The Searcher’, with its simple yet effective keyboard which takes you on a journey through an epic song with Catley’s voice surrounded by that haunting choir and chilling guitar solo that adds to the power of the song, and ‘Heat of Passion’, with the core of it built around a lone piano accompanied by the drums and guitar that don’t overpower things, whilst Catley sounds like a wounded soul singing from the heart.

There’s no escaping from the faster rockier side where he seems more in his zone, and the likes of ’Open Your Eyes’ and ‘One More Night’ are as heavy as anything he’s done in the past, the guitar work done by Uwe Reitenauer the dogs b’s all the way through, never so more than on’ Light My Way’, where he plays like a man possessed. 

Believe it or not, there’s a tamer song than the rest, ’You Are My Star’ that is straight out of the Magnum file on how it should be done, but I suppose that would have to be expected even though Bob himself didn’t write these songs. That accolade goes to Magnus Karlsson who has got these song spot on for Catley’s influential input. 

I suppose it would be a bad move for Catley to have tried something a wee bit different from his norm, and that’s why you can’t get away from the similarities of this album and his work with Magnum, but yet again why should there be?  You know whatever you get from both sides of his career it’s going to be good, his fans won’t be disappointed, and with ‘Immortal’, they won’t be. 

Review by: Bob


  1. Dreamers Unite
  2. We Are Immortal
  3. End Of The World
  4. Open Your Eyes
  5. The Searcher
  6. One More Night
  7. Light Up My Way
  8. You Are My Star
  9. War In Heaven
10. Win The Throne

11. Haunted
12. Heat Of Passion



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