Artist: Bob Catley
   Title: Middle Earth

For those of you who know my musical tastes (Hello Clive) you will be aware that Bob Catley is not number one in my personal chart. But lets get this out of the way straight away this is by far Bob's best work since those classic Magnum days and it definitely scores maximum points in the stonker stakes.

For any of you who have missed all the press blurb on Middle Earth it is another collaboration with Ten main man Gary Hughes and is another attempt by Hughes to do another concept album his first being the slightly uninspiring Ten album Babylon. Boy I bet he wishes he kept this material for Ten coz it blows it out of the water.

There is everything on here from classic Bob sing-a-longs to some serious prog interludes with some excellent guitar from I think Vinnie Burns even though it doesn't say so on the copy I have.

With the Magnum reunion now in full swing (they are recording even as I write this) this could be Bob's swansong for the Now & Then label and what a way to go out with delivering your best work to date.

A truly classic release from one of rocks stalwarts. EXCELLENT!!!

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1. Wraith Of Rings
Fields ThatI Recall/ Emissary/ The fields That I Recall ( Reprise)
3. City Walls
Against The Wind
Where You Lead I'll Follow/ Stormcrow And Pilgrim/ Where You Lead...
Return Of The Mountain King
End OfSummer ( Galadriels's Theme)
This Galant Band Of Man/Strangers



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