Artist: Cavalar
   Title: As A Metal Of Fact
   Label: Dead Famous Records

Hailing from London Cavalar (from the Portuguese meaning Super Charged) this quartet are definitely just that with the re-release and re-packaging of their debut album "As A Metal Of Fact".

The band deliver a very modern punchy Stoner metal that is both massive and melodic as it is dark and broody, as the opener ‘Rush’ expels in abundance with the vocals of frontman Twitch powering through the heady bass and drums whilst the guitars of Dan Panza come across like modern Iommi.

The booming metal continues with ‘Deadman’ another dark bass line gets this one underway before Panza makes his mark on the track, with some dark licks that again is very Sabbatheque, but it’s the vocals of Twitch that take it away from Ozzy and the boys as the band put their own stamp on the classic sound and take it to a higher level.

The album continues the Stoner track with the likes of ‘God Damned Rebels’, another great heavy vibe, and the riff laden ‘Us’.  Then it’s all out for ‘Going For It’, a great thumper of a track that has to be one of the tracks of the album for me.

But the track of the album for me has to be the mightily impressive ‘New Empire’, a massive boomer of a track with Twitch coming across like a mix between Robert Plant and Geddy Lee, great stuff!

The band don’t ease up at all throughout the entirety of the album with more booming Stoner metal with ‘V-Red’, ‘Born Like Fire’ and ‘Watch Me From The Sky’ being the best of the rest.

But don’t take my word for it this band are going to make huge inroads into the Stoner Metal market and are definitely a name to look out for if you like is big and bold.


  1. Rush
  2. Deadman
  3. God Damned Rebel
  4. Us
  5. Going For It!
  6. New Empire
  7. V - Red
  8. Blind Eye
  9. Devil's County
 10. Born Like Fire
 11. Watch Me From The Sky
 12. Can The World Be Wrong?



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