Artist:  Celesty
   Title: Mortal Mind Creation
   Label: Dockyard 1

Cryon is once more under threat and its tales of demons, wizards, demy-gods and warrior kings is continued with the third concept album from young Finnish metal heads Celesty.  The tales of Cryon and the Elements, the Sword of Salvation, Sir Amardon and his legacy continue where the bands last album ‘Legacy of Hate’ left off and where it all began with the bands debut ‘Reign Of Elements’.

This epic saga continues with the bands latest release ‘Mortal Mind Creation’ and is probably the bands best release so far.  The band have gone for a heavy yet power infused melodic edge to their sound, perhaps one more fitting to the whole fantasy metal genre. 

The album opens up in spectacular style with ‘Lord Of Mortals’, a pounding beginning to the album with the vocals of Antti Railio towering over the screaming guitars of Teemu Koskela and Tapani  Kangas, and the rampaging keyboards of Juha Mäenpää.

The relentless pace continues with the metal infused ‘Unreality’, another massive track that is continues the rampaging pace of the album.

Things get really rocking with the power infested ‘Demon Inside’, a real roller coaster of track that switches from pure melody to pure aggression in an instant.  This track has some of the best keyboard guitar duels on the entire album and is one of my favourite tracks on the entire album.  This is pure fantasy metal at its best.

The intensity continues with ‘War Creations’, another bass ridden thump fest where once again the vocals of Railio rise above the mayhem of monster riffs and huge keyboards to bring a kind of majesty to the track.

The album continues its fantasy metal road only taking a small diversion to progressive land for the keyboard infused ‘Empty Room’ and the haunting ‘Among The Dreams’, before returning to the familiar traditional power metal infusion of ‘Back In Time’ and the rampaging double kick drum fest that is ‘Arrival’.

The album closes with the shred fest that is ‘Last Sacrifice’, a real metal monster that closes a very impressive album, that is constructed so well, that you don’t need the bands two previous releases to enjoy the sheer power and metal talent that is Celesty.

If you're into the whole fantasy metal genre then this is a must buy album so get it on your Christmas list sharpish.



1. Lord Of Mortals
2. Unreality
3. Demon Inside
4. War Creation
5. Empty Room
6. Among The Dreams
7. Back In Time
8. Arrival
9. Last Sacrifice




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