Artist: Chaos Conspiracy
   Title: Out Of Place
   Label: Copro Records / Casket Music

Chaos Conspiracy were formed just two years ago but you wouldn't think it by the way these Italian metallers are making their mark on the Italian hardcore scene.  With this the release of their debut album, they bring forth their own brand of melodic, and sometimes brutal, hardcore metal.

This their debut release is truly an assault on the senses.  The opening track 'Red Mask' starts of with an infectious bass line that paves the way for the poignant vocals of Enrico Falbo.

The band manages to mix electro funk with modern day indie metal to great effect and this is particularly highlighted with the song 'Upset Eyes'.  Other tracks of note are the hard-hitting ‘Nonentity’ and the dark undertones of ‘Shadow The Flow’, both of which make for interesting listening.

Hats off to Chaos Conspiracy for keeping things new and original, while at the same time not straying to far from the mainstream metal scene, something that not too many bands manage to do.


1. Red Mask
2. Upset Eyes
3. Nonentity
4. Shadow of the Flow
5. Sinful Mirror
6. Out Of Place
7. Prayer for your Silence
8. Coldest Time
9. Cutting Brightness
10. Chaos


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