Artist:  Charlotte
   Title: Medusa Groove
   Label: Eonian Records

Another fine release coming out Eonian Records stable is Charlotte’s 'Medusa Groove' album.  A band that didn’t jump on the hair metal band wagon choosing instead to go down the more bluesy groove filled rock road.

The 'Medusa Groove' wouldn’t go amiss amongst the albums of today with their Great White and Zepplinesque bluesy feel.  Right from the onset things couldn’t get off to a better start with the title track ‘Medusa Groove’, with frontman Eddie Ganz bringing a Coverdale / Plant mix to proceedings, while Nick DiBacco and Vinnie Cacciotti bring in the six string heat.  But guitars and vocals need a foundation to build upon and the solid backing of Eric Brewton and Chris Colovas make this happen.

The album is filled with top notch Melodic and Hard Rock blues filled tunes as the album continues to impress with ‘Woman Behind The Eyes’, a great slow burning guitar riff on this one, really bringing in that Great White feel I talked about.  Then it’s a couple of my favourites from the album the excellent riff spewn rocker ‘Siren’ and the all out Hard Rock of ‘Little Devils’, with again Ganz bringing forth those smooth Plant styled vocals into the mix. Great stuff!

The album continues to bring great track after great track, with my pick of the bunch being ‘Miss Necrophilia’ and the good time rockers ‘She Get It Up’ and ‘Got Love On The Line’.  For those of you who like something a bit more akin to a ballad then ‘Changes’ is the song for you.  These are just a few of my favourites from the album but there is much more to the album than my own personal preferences.  There is more than enough to impress even the most die-hard of Melodic and Hard Rock fans out there.  This is definitely one album worth a few more outings.  


1. Medusa Groove
2. Woman Behind The Eyes
3. Siren
4. Little Devils
5. Miss Necrophilia
6. She Get It Up
7. Got Love On The Line
8. Changes
9. Roadhouse Of Love
10. Ocean Of Love And Mercy
11. Invisible Man
12. All Tied Up



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