Artist: Chase The Ace 
   Title: Are You Ready?
   Label: Z Records

Hailing from Israel, Chase The Ace after six year of singing in Hebrew under the Koex moniker and with five albums under their belt, the quartet decided to take on the world and Chase The Ace was born.

The band of Roi Vito Peleg (vox/guitar), Yam Artzy (drums), Omer Schinder (lead guitar) and Yair Gadon (bass), deliver old school hard rock very much in the vein of the like of Motley Crue, LA Guns and the like, but with that modern edginess.

The album is fifteen Hard Rockin’ anthems from the opening barrage of the title track ‘Are You Ready’ to the closer ‘Feel Like A Fool’, the band show Israel can rock like a bad ass.

With Peleg at the helm delivering a rock solid vocal that is very reminiscent of Ray West from Spread Eagle, it has that same sleaze factor on the likes of ‘The Cat Is On The Loose’ and the anthemic bluesy vibed ‘Rock Bottom Rocknroll’.  The band really show that Sunset vibe.

The band have enough fuel in their tank to show they can really mix things up with the Skid Row feel of ‘Made Out Of Ice’, before switching things over dramatically with the mellower ‘Change My Ways’, then rocking things back up big style with ‘California’ and the rip snorting ‘Dear Deamon’.

The band show their bluesy side with the Southern Comfort fuelled bluesy rock of ‘Raise Your Glass’, before switching things up once more with the mystical Spanish guitar instrumental ‘Morning Wood’.

The diversity of this band has no barriers as they bring the heat once more with the riff laden ‘Tapped Out’, before bringing another touch of bluesy rock with the excellent ‘Burned Me Down’.  Then it's time for the multifaceted dark ballad ‘Bring You Back’, a truly unexpected mix and we still have three tracks to go.

And what a trio to close out the album, first up we have the hard rocking ‘Take Me Home’, which is followed by the gritty sleaze filled splendour of ‘We’re Taking Over’, before the album closes with another mellower moment and the stunning ‘Feel Like A Fool’.

This is a great album from a band who’ve honed their craft and are now ready to take on the world.  15 tracks of pure Hard Rocking pleasure and not a Joker in the pack.  So I ask you "Are You Ready" for Israel's best kept secret?

Review by: Barry McMinn


1. Are You Ready
2. The Cat Is On The Loose
3. Rock Bottom Rocknroll
4. Made out Of Ice
5. Change My Ways
6. California
7. Dear Deamon
8. Raise Your Glass
9. Morning Wood
10. Tapped Out
11. Burned Me Down
12. Bring You Back
13. Take Me Home
14. We're Taking Over
15. Feel Like A Fool



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