Artist: Chasma 
   Title: Declarations Of The Grand Artificer
   Label: Moribund

This 3 track 33 minutes long album is the 2nd release for this four-piece death metal band from Oregon.  Their psychedelic themed black metal is heavily influenced by Guardians and Atriarch primarily and this shows throughout the album.  Each of the tracks is between 10-12 minutes long and is an exploration into the darker side of the world.

Each tracks twists and turns not only through the death metal/screamo side, but also through the possibly termed ‘calmer’ prog-metal side.  None of the tracks are superficially the same, it is only when listening to the skill encompassed within each member that similarities occur.  This superficial differentiation allows for greater experimentation on the side of the band and works well, allowing the listener to become enmeshed within the tracks.

A favourite track at the moment is the first track, 'Daystar Angelwar'.  The long name means basically nothing but I enjoyed this track as it moved throughout different skills and ways of playing.  It interested me as did the rest of the album.  The skilled players can be heard throughout to try different styles within the genre however the voice remains the same, and is intermittently heard, with the main focus being on the instrumentals.  'Shadowbend' is a darker track from the start, with screams of pain and torment woven throughout.

Review by: Kerry H


1. Daystar Angelwar
2. Shadowbend
3. Blue Jewel Destruction





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