Artist: The Chelsea Smiles
   Title: The Chelsea Smiles
   Label: DR2 / Global Music

One of the latest bands to be signed up to DR2 records are American Sleaze Punkters The Chelsea Smiles, the brainchild of former Danzig and Motorhead guitarist Todd Youth.

The band have a sound that is very Hanoi meets The Ruts old school punk with a modern twist.

The album opens up with the up lifting rhythms of ‘Take You Away,’ a slung down guitar anthem that really sets the pace for the rest of the album.

Speaking of the rest of the album, its hard hitting edge is continued with ‘On The Run’, another modern day anthem in the making here, riff filled and rhythms a plenty, this is high octane rock n' roll.

The band show their heavier side with the tub-thumping rock of ‘Drowned’ before bringing it back up a notch or two with ‘I’m Gone’ and the track of the album the driven rock sleaze of ‘Action Coming Down’.

If I had to say which band The Chelsea Smiles remind me of then it would have to be the Queens of the Stoneage, but perhaps with a little more sleaze factor thrown into the mix for good luck. This is more apparent on the likes of ‘Leave You Cold’ and ‘So Low’, but another stand out track on this release is the bands superb cover of The Rolling Stones classic ‘The Last Time’, which just rocks big style.

The band are sure to win a few friends when supporting Wednesday 13 on his UK tour later this month and I for one look forward to catching them live in action.



1. Take You Away 
2. On The Run
3. Drowned
4. I'm Gone
5. Action Coming Down
6. Leave You Cold
7. Nothing To Lose
8. So Low
9. Little Misfit
10. Gotta Get Some
11. The Last Time
12. Broken Lullabies



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