Artist: Cherry Suede 
   Title: Cherry Suede
   Label: Prodigy

3 things I like about Canada - 1. The Rockies

                                                    2. It pisses off America for being so laid back......dude!

                                                    3. You get some fine bands from there - Rush, The Trews, early Bryan Adams.

Add to that list Cherry Suede if you will. Not quite the greatest name for a band that would usually conjure up thoughts of 'Big hair', make-up and the Sunset Strip of the 80's, but they sure play good music! Formed in Montreal, 1999, they have constantly been based around the vocals of Randy Scott and Randy Young, changing the line-up over the years to be where they are now. In the past they have supported such acts as Bon Jovi and Rick Springfield, not surprising really as they'd go down well with both sets of fans on evidence of this album.

Now we'll get down to the nitty-gritty. Cherry Suede sound like Springsteen, The Gaslight Anthem or whoever has a whiskey-soaked voice, according to some 'important people' in the rock music tabloids. So what! Who hasn't  sounded like someone else sometime in their career? Airbourne-early AC/DC, Creed-Pearl Jam, Bon Jovi-Grumpy, self-important old men, the list goes long as the music hits the spot, no problem, surely??

With this album you get a fine set of songs that everyone will end up liking for one reason or another, the solid mid-pacers a'la Bryan Adams style 'Till I Found You' and 'Miss Jealousy', where you expect to hear Mel C to join in any moment, as it's in the same vein as his 1998 hit 'When You're Gone', and the stunning ballad 'Why', the hanky-in the teeth-tugging feeling that the orchestra gives out as it plays along is worth the money itself, again just what you'd expect from the solo star in the past.

The band groove it up a bit with a bluesy / funktified riff on 'Learning How To Let You Go', those rasping vocals really well suited to song's formula, then bring their sound right up to date, albeit with an electric drumbeat in parts, on 'When I'm Gone', a fine contender for 'I wish it were my song', J.B.J.!!  Another to add to that statement would have to be a second slowy, 'In Pieces', a keyboard-led tear-jerker that will get those lighters aloft in unison when played live, or even in the house if anyone's brave enough! Right, I'll apologize now, ok....SORRY! The reason is 'One Of A Kind' sounds so much like......... McFly's 'She's Out Of My League'! Hell, I even know the name of their songs!! Anyway, it does, even down to tempo, the easy-going joint vocals and the happy-go-lucky, smiley aura it has around it , and if my Mrs says it does, then it does!!

Thankfully the band do remind us that they can rock it up a bit on 'Not A Day Goes By', flighty solos the order of the day here, and 'What You Do To Me' which just slides through at a laid-back pace, though you will wonder what it would sound like with just a bit more 'oomph' behind it, but it is still a good song regardless. You couldn't say the same about 'Since You've Been Gone', as due to the slow drumbeat and harmonica, any attempt to quicken the pace would destroy the intimate effect of the track, sort of an Eagles meets Lindisfarne combo that works brilliantly on the album, believe it or not!

And there you have it, folks, Cherry Suede, who sound like  - - - - - -,  you fill in the gap, though I really doubt this band will be all that bothered by all the comparisons, as they've just delivered a fine album of their own. According to t'internet, they are planning to hit the road over here later in the year, so if you're owt like me, you'll be looking to see if there in your area, and if not, be disappointed as well.

Review by: Robb Baldwin


1. Not A Day Goes by
2. Learning How To Let You Go
3. Till I Found You
4. Why
5. What You Do To Me
6. If You Were Mine
7. In Pieces
8. One Of A Kind
9. Miss Jealousy
10. Since You've Been Gone



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