Artist: Chickenfoot
   Title: Chickenfoot
   Label: Ear Music / Edel

It’s not that often nowadays that a band churns up a storm on the rock world but when legends in rock like Sammy Hagar, Joe Satriani, Chad Smith and Michael Anthony come together for a band the world has to sit up and take notice.  This quartet have come together under the Chickenfoot banner and with their debut album have set out putting Hard Rock back on the map.

This debut album has caused such a buzz and the band equally so, so much that their debut tour totally sold out.  So the album must be a corker.  Well it must because I bought it simply to review it, not a thing I do often so was it worth the price?  Well believe me the boys rock big style.

Opening up with ‘Avenida Revolution’ the quartet have struck pure Hard Rock gold and the combination of the four has developed that rarest of things in a band, their own sound.  Hagar shows why he has been one of my favourite vocalist's for years, even before Van Halen and ever since his Montrose days and his Red Rocker solo days, the guy has always had a powerhouse vocal and this album is no different.  With a thumping rhythm section as mighty as Smith and Anthony, they keep the band pumping out the rock n' roll gasoline, whilst Satriani just oozes out those bluesy rock riffs like only he can.

Well that was the opener, what about the rest of the album you may ask.  Well it just gets better and better as each track unfolds. The album is a joy to listen to as it continues with the funk ridden ‘Soap On A Road’ and one of my favourites off the album the excellent ‘Sexy Little Thing’, with Satriani laying down some great licks on this one, with that solid as a rock back beat the perfect sound board for Hagar’s vocals.  As songs go they don’t get much better than this.

The album continues its groove filled feel with ‘Oh Yeah’, a heavy bass line by Anthony keeps the heavy groove going.  Then it's Satriani’s turn to lay down the grooves on ‘Running Out’, before the pace is picked up with the heavy vibes of ‘Get It Up’, a real top notch rocker that really shows the band have gone for diversity and quality on this album.  The pace of things slows down with the classic rock feel with a modern twist of ‘Down The Drain’, a track that I think a modern Led Zep would be doing now, big thick soulful sounds that just oozes class.

The class of the musicians involved with the band, because that's what Chickenfoot are a band not a one off project, but a kickin’ rock n' roll band, continue to punch out the future classics with ‘My Kinda Girl’ and the gentle tones of ‘Learning To Fall'.  But it's the groove filled 'Turnin’ Left’ and the fantastic closer ‘Future In The Past’ that really shine for me.  Two very different tracks, one a mid-tempo rocker ‘Turning Left’ and the other Future In The Past’, a real funky rocker.

This album should be on everyone’s list of albums to buy because rock this good deserves to be played on hi-fi’s, iPods, car stereos and any other media you can think of loud and proud, to show the world of pop and made to measure TV bands that rock is still the most powerful music around and won’t die no matter how hard they try.



1. Avenida Revolution
2. Soap on a Rope
3. Sexy Little Thing
4. Oh Yeah
5. Runnin' Out
6. Get It Up
7. Down the Drain
8. My Kinda Girl
9. Learning to Fall
10. Turnin' Left
11. Future in the Past



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