Artist:  China
   Title: Light Up The Dark
   Label: Metal Heaven

With more line-up changes than a Premiership footballers bedroom Swiss rockers China are back and back with a veritable bang with their new album ’Light Up The Dark’, with stalwart guitarist Claudio Matteo leading the charge along with the superb vocal might of Eric St Michaels, return along with new band mates Billy La Peitra on drums, Mack Schildknecht on guitar and last but by no means least Beat Kofmehl on bass duties, with what is without a doubt the biggest slice of Hard Rock to come out of Switzerland since the Matterhorn.

The band have delivered as sound that is very in and very now maybe it’s the production from Chris Johnson and Michael Parnin or the bands new full on spirit, but whatever it is I like it!

From the opener and title track ‘Light Up The Dark’ there is a spark (pun intended) that really floats my boat, I just love a ballsy rock tune and this album is full of them.

With the likes of ‘Hey Yo’ and ‘She’s So Hot’ rocking big style along with the excellent bluesy rock of ‘Lonely Rider’ and ’Stay’, mixed with the more gentle rock of ‘Gates Of Heaven’ and the country twangs of ‘On My Way’, this is one has something for all we are only a third of the way through the album.

The remainder of the album continues with the same high quality of the first with the stunning ‘Stay’, the hard edged rocker ‘Deadly Sweat’ with its sleazy tuned out guitar licks, but if you like me like a fire in your belly when it comes to Hard Rock, then check out excellent ‘Trapped In The City’.  This is where Matteo and Schildknecht really fire up a storm as they trade lick after lick on this monster rocker.

The more refined of you might not go for the all blazing rockers but fear not as things continue with the anthemic ‘Right Here Right Now’, before the album comes to a close with the groove filled ‘Flesh and Bone’.

The band have been around in one form or another since 1985 and have had four studio albums previous to this, but believe me the fifth time is a charm.  This one rocks and rocks big style and is, in my opinion, the bands best album since their self titled debut. 


1. Light Up The Dark
2. Hey Yo
3. She's So Hot
4. Girl On My Screen
5. Lonely Rider
6. Gates Of Heaven
7. On My Way
8. Stay
9. Deadly Sweat
10. Trapped In The City
11. Right Here, Right Now
12. Flesh And Bone



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