Artist: Chthonic
   Title: Seediq Bale
   Label: Down Port Music

Hailing from Taiwan Chthonic are the countries biggest Black Metal band and since their formation back in 1995, the band have conquered the Asian Black Metal market.  Now with three albums under their belts, the band prepare to conquer Europe with their fourth release ‘Seediq Bale’.

The band may take their inspirations from the likes of Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir and the like, but Chthonic also take their cultural history very seriously and this is the main inspiration for many of the bands songs.  This new album is no different as it tells the tale of the struggle of the Seediq clansman, whose 1000 year old culture includes face tattooing, decapitation and their struggle against the colonial rule of Japan.  Indeed this is the true history of the Taiwanese people.

The album mixed traditional black metal sounds with the ancient Oriental Er-hu and with the addition of a six piece female choir, this very eclectic mix brings to the whole Black Metal sound a new cultural avenue.

The album opens up with ‘Progeny Of Rmdax Tasing’ and from the off the intensity of the band is felt as cultural barriers are thrown aside.  The mighty power and aggression of the band is unleashed as vocalist Freddy Lin unchains his mix of traditional and modern language on the unsuspecting listener.

The album is as intense as it is powerful, with the sometimes angelic choral sections mixed with the powerhouse rhythm section of Doris Yeh on bass and Dani Wang on drums, all interwoven with the screaming guitars of Jesse Liu and some fantastic bombastic keyboards from CJ.

The CD also boasts two music videos of the band, plus one live video that shows the band at one of their intense live shows.  On hearing this album and watching the videos you come to realise it is hardly surprising the band have been labelled ... 'the Black Sabbath of Asia', and were personally presented with the coveted 'Best Rock Award' at the 14th Annual Golden Melody Awards by none other than the President Shui-Bian Chen of Taiwan himself!

Fans of the whole Black Metal genre better get used to the name Chthonic as this band are sure to make their presence felt in the European metal scene in 2007, so be warned.



1. Progeny Of Rmdax Tasing
2. Indigenous Laceration
3. Enthrone
4. Bloody Gaya Fullfilled
5. The Gods Weep 
6. Where The Utux Ancestors Wait
7. Exultant Suicide
8. Banished Into Death
9. Quasi Putrefaction



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