Artist: Circle II Circle
   Title: Burden Of Truth
   Label: AFM Records

With the story of the Da Vinci Code and the tales of the Holy Grail given the Hollywood treatment recently, it's time for former Savatage front man Zak Stevens to put his own spin on the tales with the concept album 'Burden Of Truth', the new release from Circle II Circle.

This is the bands third release and probably their most powerful both lyrically and emotionally to date.  As the album opens up with ‘Who Am I To Be’, a great bombastic opener that ebbs and flows between some fantastic vocals from Stevens and the excellent guitars of Evan Christopher and Andrew Lee, this capped with the powerhouse rhythm section of Paul Michael Stewart on bass and Robert T. Drennan on drums, all go to make this a great opener.

The majesty of the album continues with ‘A Matter Of Time’, another guitar laden effort from Lee and Christopher with the force of Steven’s vocals ever present on the track, but it's the excellent ‘Heal You’ where Stevens really shows what a great vocalist he really is on this intense power driven track.

The album just gets better and better as each track unfolds another section of the legend in told.  The album continues with one of my personal favourites ‘Revelations’, a truly great track full of rampaging drums and totally over the top guitar solos, great songs are made of this.

The power and intensity increase ever onwards with ‘Your Reality’, another monster track that just builds into a crescendo of bass, guitars and drums with Stevens forever at the helm with those excellent vocals.

‘Evermore’ is another masterpiece from Stevens with some pretty bombastic guitars from both Christopher and Lee combined, before things become a little more subdued with the gentle undulating power of ‘The Black’.

Fan of melodic power metal will just adore ‘Messiah’ with its pounding rhythm section and the flowing guitar riffs mixed with some quite superb solos.

Things once again take a more gentile road with the regal tones of ‘Sentenced’, with it's haunting guitars and once more the spellbinding vocals of Steven.  This more sedate pace is further continued with the title track ‘Burden of Truth’ before the album closes with the massive ‘Live As One’, which rounds off what is a quite superb release.

One of the key points to the success of this album is going to be the vocals of Zak Stevens as he shows what a great front-man he really has become as his vocals prowess has grown immensely since his Savatage days.  



1. Who Am I To Be?
2. A Master Of Time
3. Heal You
4. Revelations
5. Your Reality 
6. Evermore
7. The Black
8. Messiah
9. Sentenced
10. Burden Of Truth
11. Live As One



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