Artist: Circular Logik
   Title: One
   Label: Musicbuymail Records 

Anyone who picked up last years Tragik album 'Poetic Justice' knows the calibre of music from Phil Vincent as well as his numerous solo projects.  Phil returns once again with a new band under the moniker of Circular Logik.   Again the high quality of musicianship is outstanding as Phil is joined by Tane DeAngelis on drums, Billy Roux on lead guitars, William Arnold on bass, Steve Albanese and Paul Colombo both on lead guitars also.

What Vincent has done with this new project is ignite some much needed passion into the whole Melodic/Hard Rock scene, a move that is sure to put 'One' on the lips of the masses over the coming months.

One thing I’ve noticed over the years of doing these CD reviews is the opening track must grab you and keep you there, and with 'One' Vincent has really set out his stall with the opener ‘Welcome Home’.  This one as solid a ball of Rock from beginning to end, with a huge guitar sound and a truly mammoth drum beat and an equally huge bass, all enveloped by the unmistakable vocals of Vincent.

After the torrent of the opener slings get a little down a funky with ‘Killing My Inside’, a real bass players delight.  Then it's time to change the tempo once more with the slow burner ‘Hard To Find’, this is where the guitars take over and dominate the track with there soaring riffs, whereas 'Right Here’ is a gentle rolling ballad that just moves along like a slow flowing river, easy on the eye but underneath a torrent of passion.

The Melodic Rock just oozes from every pore of the next one ‘Led Wait’, this is the sort of the thing the whole scene has been built on, great melodic licks, a great rocking beat and a soulful vocalist, great stuff.

Vincent brings in a little blues undertones into the mix on ‘You Make Me Weak’ before rocking things up once more with ‘Your Time Has Come’, again featuring some fine guitar work from Albanese and Roux, along with those fine vocals of Vincent.

‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ is another fine ballad with the guitars once again the main focus of attention for the listener, as you're immediately lifted by the sheer quality of musicianship on display here.

The same high quality is once again on the table with ‘What Were Looking For’, the soaring guitars are here once again this time in abundance.  The riff and licks are just magnificent on this track and what go to make this one of my favourite tracks off the album.

‘Time Killer' is totally different animal altogether.  This song has a heavier edge to it, a more raw guitar sound that just rocks and gives the bands sound a whole new spectrum. The more heavier guitar work is again on display on ‘See Me Through’ and gives the Melodic Rock that more modern feel and one that I'd hope finds a lot of young guitarists copying in the pubs and clubs, instead of all the made for MTV two minute wonders currently out there.

Another slice of Modern Melodic Hard Rock is the superb ‘Won't Let You Go'/'Lost Without You’, a track that as the title suggests is spit down the middle between the gentle ballad beginning before the heavy side of the song takes over.  A great idea and one that really works for me.

The album closes with ‘It’s All Over’, a little Santana feel to this closing track again shows the diversity of this album from the heavier side to the ballads this one and one that will surely make it’s mark on the whole genre.  This is all for the good of the scene, we need fresh thinking if things are going to save what is actually a fantastic scene full of hot new talent, if only we can welcome it and nurture it. 



1 Welcome Home
2 Killing Me Inside
3 Hard To Find
4 Right Here
5 Led Wait
6 You Make Me Weak
7 Your Time Has Come
8 Since You've Been Gone
9 What We're Looking For
10 Time Killer
11 See Me Through
12 Wont Let You Go/Lost Without You
13 It's All Over



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