Artist: Citizen Charlie
   Title: Citizen Charlie
   Label: Rocksector Records

How's this for a woman in rock who oozes attitude, looks as if nothing would faze her, and wants it her way or no way?  Citizen Charlie's the name, and this album could just be the making of her if all goes well..

With the likes of Joan Jett and good old Courtney Love losing their way over the last few years, this lady could well be the new leading light for women who rock just as good as the men do.

Probably the best thing about this album is that you get no huge over bearing guitar solos or effects of sorts to help bolster the sounds.  What you do get is great, 3 minute, 3 chord-type rock songs with that attitude already mentioned, like opener 'Pulling Out Your Nails', and its scratched guitar sound, or the speedy 'Bring It On', that races along at almost warp speed Punk!

Now, either someone has really pee'd off Charlie in the past or she's very good at seeing how the dark side of love and life can be, as some of her lyrics are very direct or downright vicious, depending on the subject in hand.

'Rock N' Roll Poser' could easily be written about any of the young pretenders in the bands out there that are two a penny in the charts these days.  The song a lot of people would nod and say "OH YES" to is 'Holding On', proving she knows what deceit is and pulls no punches here.  It has a 'Plastic Letters' era Blondie vibe to it, the rolling drums in parts and powerful guitar and bass that seem to want to outdo each other whilst still sounding perfectly matched.

Once you hear 'Kill You All' you know this is one lady not to be messed with.  To say she comes across slightly miffed is like saying David Dickinson is slightly a strange colour.   

Above all the thrashing drums and ripping guitar, she builds up her anger as she sings, before spitting out "But I still wanna fucking kill you all".  Nothing like getting it off your chest then Charlie!!

Two tracks that stand out here, both for the same reason, are 'Wounded Lion' and 'Ain't Gonna Take It', and that's due to the Hammond organ which you wouldn't expect to hear on this album, due to the gritty, raw rock that the band excel in.  It's not overdone, just used at the right moments in the songs to give them a shove in a different direction from the others.

'Beer & Rock N' Roll' is just about every rock fans "to hell with this, let's go" moment.  Packing the bags, getting away from the humdrum of life, and of course, who doesn't love Jack and Bud!!  The swagger of the song just adds to the nature of the story, the type of thing you'd put on the car stereo as you drive away on the journey.  Yeah!  As far as "catching the crabs" goes, well ... leave that thought in the song.

Hopefully we'll get to see Citizen Charlie a lot more in this country in the future, as I'm sure they'll put on one hell of a show going on the evidence of this album.  If you can't get to see them live, then make sure you get a listen to this CD.  If you do and you've read the classic rock review about it already, do as it says, but cross your legs as well just for extra protection!

Review by: Bob Baldwin



01. Pulling Out Your Nails
02. Rock N' Roll Poser
03. Bring It On
04. Wounded Lion
05. Cheater
06. Kill You All
07. Running Wild
08. Ain't Gonna Take It
09. Beer & Rock N' Roll
10. I Still Wanna
11. Holding On



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