Artist:  Citizen Charlie
   Title: Up Yours
   Label: Rocksector Records

Hard hitting female fronted bands have come into their own over recent years with Germany being the main export, but the Scandinavian countries have an ace up their sleeves in Norway’s Citizen Charlie, fronted by the angst filled vocalist Charlie who gives the male dominated Hard Rock genre a big two finger salute.  To those who say the female form has no place in this rock n' roll world ... well Charlie would like to say ...  'UP YOURS'!

Which also just happens to be the title of the bands latest album and what a ball buster this is. A real gritty slice of ROCK with a capital ARRGGHH!!!.

The album opens up with ‘Until The Day’ and instantly the highly charged rock n' roll hits the ground running, with Charlie taking the lead as she delivers that angst filled vocal that has become the trademark sound of the band.

The hard rock keeps on coming in big chunky waves as the album continues with ‘All In All’, a real riff spewn assault with a heady bass line throughout, but it’s the guitars that really shine on this one, that is as well as Charlie’s outstanding vocals.

There is a touch of old school metal around the guitar work on 'So What To Do’, this mixed with a big bass and drum sound makes for one hell of a slice of no nonsense rock.  Speaking of old school there is a touch of 70's Punk (that’s British Punk, none of that US imitation stuff) about ‘Give It Up’.  Imagine The Buzzcocks with a female vocal and you won’t be far away with this one, then add a splash of free range fret work and you're rockin’.

‘Out of this World’ brings back that old school Southern guitar laden hard rock to the mix, then it’s the title track ‘Up Yours’.  Think a little early DC, or even the modern Airbourne feel, you know what I mean, hard hitting, ass-kickin’ rock n' roll, good time boogie rock.

The band isn’t all about old school though, they are about taking that sound and dragging it kicking and screaming into the now and that is never more apparent than on the hard edged ‘Watch You Die’.  There are a few old school chords in the mix but they are out numbered by the sheer intense modern rock vibe, mixed with some sublime almost choral licks and a damn fine solo mid track.

The band gets a little funky with ‘Don’t Tell Me’ before turning up a gear or two with the bass ridden ‘So You Think’ and the heavy stoner vibes of ‘Faith No More’.  Then the album comes to an emphatic close with the excellent ‘Losing’ which rounds of a great album that sticks to its guns and delivers a real gusty punch and one that shows Norway can rock with the best of the Scandinavian countries.  It also shows that it's not just Sweden that Rocks, so be prepared for another Viking invasion, only this time it's Rock n' Roll and not Long ships.


1. Until The Day
2. All In All
3. So What To Do
4. Give It Up
5. Out Of This World
6. Up There
7. Watch You Die
8. Don't Tell Me
9. So You Think
10. Faith No More
11. Losing



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