Artist: Citriniti
   Title: Between The Music And Latitude
   Label: Mascot Records

Citriniti is the brainchild of two brothers Danilo and Domenico Citriniti, who have taken their liking of progressive metal, turned it around and given it a more of a new world sound mixed with more complex musical influences to create a unique type of metal fusion.

The two brothers are joined on this new release by fellow Italian Fabrizio Leo, who’s new album 'Cutaway' has also been released by Mascot Records at the same time as this album.  Also making guest appearances are additional guitarist Salvatore Ciambrini and Mistheria on keyboards.

The album takes you on a magical instrumental ride with the three main musicians gelling well. The album opens up with ‘Naked Words’ and delves straight into the progressive rock stream and drinks in its fill and more.

The album continues in similar vein throughout with some rockier moments such as ‘Comedown’, but for the most it's pure progression and shows mans ability to blend music and thought without words.

This once again will not get much airplay as an album, but will see the names of Citriniti and Leo on many album sleeve notes as additional musicians and will keep them in work for quite a while.



1. Naked Words
2. Test
3. Comedown
4. Rituals
5. Inferno
6. Time Out
7. Latitude
8. Drunk
9. Invisible


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