Artist: Civilization One 
   Title: Calling The Gods
   Label: Limb Music

Civilization One are a multi-national band, with members from England, France, Italy with a highly talented and lauded Sri Lankan vocalist Chitral Somapala.  Here you have a melodic album of Power Metal which is near enough instantly likeable.

This is the bands second album and cranks out some stunning vocals, impressive riffs and glorious tunes.  The title a track 'Calling The Gods' is a case in point, it instantly grabs your interest and promises much for the rest of the album.  'The Land I Flames' has an excellent guitar solo, shredding, then igniting.  'Archangel' is catchy as anything and will have your head bopping and feet tapping. 

Eastern promise and flavour are woven into 'Evil Eye', but I found this song a bit of a dirge and could have done with a bit more oomph from Somapala I feel.  Now this is more like it 'True Believer' is commanding and has riffs played at break neck speed.  Thereís no doubting the bands ability and a ballad is all well and good but 'Reunion' kind of ruins the pace of the album, it's technically very good, but bored me silly.  As for 'New World', it has that annoying guitar noise / squeal that I last heard on the Ramusís hit 'In The Shadows', which was okay at first but gets irritating and makes you want to instantly skip the track.  

Okay final two songs are just, erm totally, totally out of place on this album.  I understand they were meant for the Sri Lankan audience, well surely they should have been separate and not included on this album?  To be honest the album loses its appeal after 'True Believer', which is a real shame.   'Believing The Dream', was written for the Sri Lanka national cricket team at the 2011 cricket World Cup and 'Dreams of Fire, composed for the national Olympic team for the London 2012 games. 

So to sum up, you have six or seven Power Metal tracks at the start of the album, which while not original or unique, are pretty damn entertaining and enjoyable and will appeal to many.  I just canít understand the last two tracks and the mega soppy 'Reunite', which kind of ruined it for me, but go ahead and give this a listen.  

Review by: Seb Di Gatto


1. Aazis
2. Calling The Gods
3. The Land In Flames
4. Archangel
5. Evil Eye
6. Hell Awaiting
7. True Believer
8. Reunite
9. The Supernatural Virtue
10. New World
11. Spirit In The Wind
12. Believeing The Dream
13. Dreams Of Fire



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