Artist: Clairvoyants
   Title: Word To The Wise
   Label: Valery Records

Formed in 2001 the Clairvoyants have been lighting up their native Italy with their Iron Maiden tribute show, but now the band are about to spread their wings with an album featuring the best of their own material.

The tribute band scene can make bands a decent living and  the Clairvoyants are regularly doing sixty or more shows a year, but can their own material make an impact? You bet ya!

'Word To The Wise' is a great Melodic Metal album with frontman Gab Bernasconi’s towering vocals leading the way for the twin axe attack of Luca Princiotta and Marco Demartini, and the powerhouse back beat of Manuel Pisano and Paolo Turcattie on drums and bass guitar respectively.  Also making an appearance on the album Andre Matos and Oliver Palotai, but more of that later.

The album opens up with ‘Journey Through The Stars’ and instantly you forget this band are tribute band because they sure can deliver punchy riff spewn metal of the highest calibre, as Princiotta and Demartini throw out the licks like lightening bolts while the rhythm section pummels away like a jack hammer on overdrive.  A great opener for sure.

This very impressive album continues with ‘The Lone’, once again featuring some great guitars wrapped around the fantastic vocals of Bernasconi.  It's none stop rocking as the album fires up with ‘Choose The Truth’ and one of my personal favourites, the mood ridden ‘The Pain Of Sight’.

This album will surely make the band a household name among the metalheads worldwide.  It's a truly great debut as the metal just keeps on coming with the thumping ‘Sheer Hate’ and the excellent ‘Back To My Dreams’.

'Step Aside’ is another mood filled slice of Melancholy Metal as the soaring guitars take you to six string heaven, before the rhythm section drags you back to Metals leather covered dark depths.

I said at the beginning that the band had Oliver Palotai guesting on the album and the next track ‘Closer’ is where the keyboard wizard lends his skills to this metal ballad.

The title track 'Word To The Wise’ is another great power enthused metal anthem, before the final track of the album comes in during which we hear Andre Matos lay down the vocals for the Iron Maiden cover ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’.  From this track alone you can hear why the band have become Italy’s finest Maiden tribute band, because this rendition is just as massive as the original and closes what is a great album.  This is one release that shows that tribute bands can give something back and aren’t just copy cats.  Some do have some fantastic talent in them and the Clairvoyants have masses of talent.



1. Journey Through The Stars
2. The Lone
3. Choose The Truth
4. The Pain Of Sight
5. Sheer Hate
6.Back To My Dreams
7. Step Aside
8. Closure
9. Word To The Wise
10. Hallowed Be Thy Name



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