Artist: Class Of Zero
   Title: Noting Will Survive
   Label: Blastwave Records

Hailing from Simi Valley in California, Class of Zero's debut album is a mix of brash guitar sounds, provided by Ian Salvas and Billy Peele, heavy bass lines delivered by Chris Dunn, and a thunderous rhythm section with the drums beaten out by Bob Gilmore.

The opening salvo is ‘Incomplete’, a track that sets down the rules of this album.  Those being ... ‘’play it fast, play it proud’’.  If you put together the recent music fads of nu-metal, nu-breed, American pop punk, and a few others, and threw them all into a blender, the resulting sound would be Class of Zero.  They really have created a sound they can call their very own.

This mix might not be to everyone's taste and some might say they haven’t set into a musical genre, but those are the people who have no vision, and are the ones who sometimes stifle a bands creativity by fixing them into a one genre or another.

This is definitely a band that is worth checking out.  Motorhead were so impressed by them that they were invited on their recent UK tour.  This is one hell of a compliment if ever there was one.


    1. Incomplete
    2.  Unreal as it Gets
    3.  Make me Sick
    4.  Forever
    5.  Fallen
    6.  S.O.B.
    7.  Buried
    8.  By the Book
    9.  1000 Words
   10.  Redemption



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