Artist: Clusterhead
   Title: Times Of No Trust
   Label: Musicbuymail Records

Formed in 2005 German Melodic Metallers Clusterhead deliver a sound that is very much in the renaissance, a good Hard Rock sound built around a solid foundation of great guitar riffs and a monstrous rhythm section, all wrapped around a huge vocal.

By the way the band are Rene Brandt on vocals, Frank Stadlbauer on guitars, Andreas Meyer on bass and completing the line-up, last but not least Ruediger Tonn on drums, together they are Clusterhead.

If like me you are into the likes of Bonfire, Evidence One and the like then you will just love what Clusterhead have done with this album.  The album itself is built around Brandt’s warm yet powerful vocals and the powerhouse rhythm section of Tonn and Meyer, with the guitars of Stadlbauer the backbone of the sound. 

The album gets underway with 'Tears I’ve Cried’ and straight away I knew I was going to like this album.  It really sets the pace for the rest of the album from its thunderous opening to the point where the icing on the cake of Brandt’s vocals come in.

The album powers on through with some monumental tracks like almost ballad like tones of ‘Ghosts’ to the more harder tracks like the riff laden ‘Poisened’ (very much in the Bonfire mode), the excellent ‘Deep Into The Night’ and the almost sublime refrain of ‘Prediction Of A Fight’.  A multi-layered spectacular that has to be my favourite off the entire album.  This one has it all for me, big guitars, angst filled vocals and a towering rhythm section, great stuff. 

Like I said before this is a must for fans of good powerful Melodic Metal, it may not be new or trendy but it sure is damn good rocking.


1 Tears I've Cried
2 Times Of No Trust
3 Made Of Stone
4 Ghosts
5 The Human Factor
6 Poisoned
7 Deep In The Night
8 Prediction Of A Fight
9 Dead Faint
10 Your Confession
11 Hole In My Heart


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