Artist: Code
   Title: The Enemy Within
   Label: Escape Music

Code is the new band formed by former Grand Illusion members Ola af Trampe on guitars and Anders Rydholm who takes up the bass, keyboard and guitar duties. The two are joined by Jay Graydon vocalist Sherwood Ball and completing the line-up we have guest drummer Gregg Bissonette.

What Code have put together on this debut release ‘The Enemy Within’, is a good kick in the melodic rock scene’s backside, with a new and dimensional sound to the whole genre.

The album gets off to an amazing start with the title track ‘The Enemy Within’ and that’s when the melodic hard rock bar is raised. The quality of musicianship and song writing on this album is second to none and with Ball’s great vocals this album just oozes class.

The quality continues with ‘Sign Up For Love’, a really top-notch rocker that has all the makings for the bands first single.  It rocks, it has a catchy chorus, some great guitars and did I mention it rocks!

The tempo is brought down a touch with ‘Home Away From Home’, but the track still has that hard rock edge, with some great solo work from Trampe and a monster chorus, this is what the genre has been waiting for.

Another track where Trampe really shines is the excellent ‘In The Shadows’ and out of the shadows comes the great vocal talent that is Sherwood Ball, as he lays down some fantastic vocal arrangements on this one.

The band show their gentler side with the amazing ballad ‘How Do We Stay In Love’, complete with orchestration courtesy of the multitalented Anders Rydholm.  Then the band really get things rocking from here on in with the multi layered ‘My Time’ and the equally superb ‘Alive’, with once again the highlights being the fantastic vocals of Ball and Trampe’s fret work.

The band get a little funky with this next track, actually one of my favourite tracks on the album, ‘Uninvited Guest’.  A real feel good track that paves the way for the more heart rendering tones of the ballad ‘How Can I Change The World?’, catch the keyboard and guitar solos near the end of the track, they will blow you away.

‘Flying High’ is a track that starts off slowly, but then things gradually pick up as the intensity increases with every note from Anders and Trampe, until the final crescendo of streaming guitars, pounding bass and drums, and the soaring vocals of Ball bringing everything together.

The album closes with another superb piece of song writing (something that is a constant feature of this album) with the exceptional ‘Sworn To Silence’, a track that brings a dramatic end to one of the best Melodic Hard Rock albums you’ll hear this year.



1. The Enemy Within
2. Sign Up For Love
3. Home Away From Home
4. In The Shadows
5. How Do You Stay In Love 
6. My Time
7. Alive
8. Uninvited Guest
9. How Can I Change The World?
10. Flying High
11. Sworn To Silence



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