Artist: Marcel Coenen
   Title: Color Journey
   Label: Lion Music

'Color Journey' is the latest release featuring the talents of Dutch guitar virtuoso Marcel Coenen.  Unlike Marcel’s debut release ‘Guitartalk’, which was all instrumentals, this new release ‘Color Journey’ features the talents of various vocalists from different genre’s.  The resulting album is a retrospect of the talents of Mr. Coenen.

The album opens up with ‘Waiting’, a definite power metal track that features Cloudscape vocalist Mike Andersson.  The track is a real gem with the power chords of Coenen reign supreme.

As each tracks varies in content, I feel it necessary to give a brief insight into each track and the various musicians and vocalist’s featured, plus I don’t want to offend anyone by not giving them a mention.

The first instrumental of the album is ‘Abstract Impact’ and shows the Marcel's vast range.  This is very Joe Satriani with the high impact guitar sound, mixed with the more screech driven guitar sound.

The next track is one that features two members of Coenen’s own band Sun Caged, vocalist Paul Villarreal and Rene Kroon on drums.  It's actually very much in the same vane of Sun Caged as it has that progressive feel to it.

The second of the instrumentals is ‘La Bella Mira and is dedicated to Marcel’s girlfriend.  It is a gentle track that features Spanish guitar and haunting solos that any guitarist would be proud of. 

Now to the complete opposite end of the spectrum, the next track ‘Traumatized to the Bone’ is probably, no it is in fact, the heaviest track on the album and features not one but four different vocalists all ranging from death metal, metal screamers and even a female who brings a gentle symphonic sound to the brashness of the track.

The third instrumental is the jazz blues fusion track ‘Skill Factor’ with added bass and drum solo’s all making for an interesting interlude between the harshness of Traumatized and the more poppy ‘That Moment’, and also features the majestic vocals of Colleen Gray.

The next track ‘The Shrink’ is the only track not written by Coenen and features Hans In T Zandt, who actually wrote it.

V(erbal) D (efence) M(echanism) is a one of my favourite tracks on the album and is a track that has a heavy bass grunge feel to it very much in the Alice In Chains vibe.

But my outright favourite track on the album has to be ‘New Race’, which just steams along in a flurry of high-octane guitar riffs.

The final track on the album is the symphonic ‘Still Bleeding’ is great track that features the vocal talents of Joyce Dijkgraaf of Elleanore.  The haunting vocals are superb and bring this multifaceted album to a close.  An album that shows what a great talent Marcel Coenen is and offers something for everybody.


1. Waiting
2. Abstract Impact
3. Patrol Saint
4. La Bella Mira
5. Traumatized To The Bone
6. Skill Factor
7. That Moment
8. The Shrink
9. V(erbal) D(efense) M(echanism)
10. New Race
11. Still Bleeding 



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