Artist: Coldspell
   Title: Infinite Stargazer
   Label: Escape Music

When you’ve been listening to albums for as many years as I have it's always nice to come across a new band that are willing to push the boundaries of their particular genre.  To drive that genre into the now and one band that are about to take the Hard Rock world by storm for sure are Sweden's Coldspell.

The band have only been around as a band since 2005 and already waves are forming around them, singer Niclas Swedentorp is sure to be one of the most talked about vocalists on the scene very soon.  Not only does Swedentorp have the pipes to fit the band the band have a sharp and intense fresh Hard Rock sound as this their debut album 'Infinite Stargaze' shows.

The album opens up in fine style with ‘Keep On Believing’ and instantly the band makes their mark on me and I just wanna hear more, such is the quality of musicianship involved in making this album.

The bands mix of great guitars and great vocals reminds me very much of the first time I heard a Gotthard album or a Firehouse record, it has that same sharpness about it all and with Michael Larsson on guitars, he brings something extra special to the bands sound that hasn’t be heard since those bands mentioned earlier first hit the scene.

The album continues with ‘Solid Ground’, another great Hard Rock track full of fine licks and bridges between verses that really make for great listening.  One track that is very Extremesque is ‘Ravin Mad’, it sure has that little funk vibe about it.  Although one of my favourites has to be the hard rocker ‘Eye Of The Storm’, a song that reminds me of early UFO, a mix of blues and rock that Mogg and Co made their trademark.

Another bluesy rocker is ‘Straight Things Out’, this time it's more Little Angels than Mogg.  A great track that really gets those feet tapping and with Larsson once again spewing out the riffs like there’s no tomorrow, this is a real slice of ear candy.

'Night Falls' shows the bands more mellower almost Power Ballad side with this song.  This one has 80’s influence written all over it and it's just majestic to hear that vibe being reinvented and sounding fresh in 2009.

The band pick things up once again with the excellent ‘Fade Away’ and the equally good ‘Greed’ before another of my personal favourites ‘Shot Down’. A great slow burner that swells into a masterpiece of Hard Rock and is one of my favourite songs of the year so far.

This impressive debut continues its rocking vibe with ‘All I Want’ and ‘Surrounded’ before closing with the title track ‘Infinite Stargaze’, which rounds off what has to be one of the best releases from Escape to date and one of the albums of the year so far and one that will be on constant rotation in the office for many months to come!



1. Keep On Believin'
2. Solid Ground
3. Ravin Mad
4. Eye Of The Storm
5. Straight Things Out
6. Night Falls
7. Fade Away
8. Greed
9. Shot Down
10. All I Want
11. Surrounded
12. Infinite Stargazer



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