Artist:  Coldspell
   Title: Out From The Cold
   Label: Escape Music

It doesn’t happen very often where I get so engrossed in an album that it's on constant play but this is exactly what has happened with the second album from Swedish Hard Rockers Coldspell.  I have raved on to so many people about this album and I forgot to actually put pen to paper, or in my case fingers to keyboard and actually review the album!  So here it is, the long overdue review from what will be one of the albums of the year in our yearly review come December.

The band follow up their tremendous first album ‘Infinite Stargaze’, which blew me away back in 09 when it was released, with this stunning new release 'Out From The Cold', not only that but the band have done what I thought was impossible and topped that earlier album.  Again we see Niclas Swedentoep (vocals) , Michael Larsson (guitars), Anders Lindmark (bass) Perra Johansson (drums) and Matti Ekland (keyboards) take the whole Hard Rock genre to another level.

The album opens up with the excellent ‘Heroes’ and from the off you can feel that this is going to be a quality release as Swedentoep powers out on the mike, while Larsson fires out a big riff, with that rhythm section really punching out a monster back beat on this anthemic opening barrage.

The big licks keep on coming as this tremendous release continues with ‘Run For Your Life’.  This song is old school balls to the wall rock with a capital “R” and is followed by one of, if not my favourite track off the album, ‘One In A Million’, another anthemic Hard Rocker with a great chorus to sing-a-long to.

As the album unfolds I find it hard not to stop writing and just enjoy what these guys do, but write I must and things just keep getting better and better each time I listen to this album, as it continues to impress me with the likes of the rockin’ 'Six Feet Under’.  A little heavier guitar vibe gives this one a real angst, then we have ‘Time’, with the bells tolling and the clocks ticking away at the intro, you're just waiting for the song to explode into action and explode it does.  This is thumpingly good Hard Rock at its finest.

You hardly have time to get your breath back as the album unleashes another monster, this time the band show off their melodic side with the astonishing ‘Save Our Souls’ and the gentle tones of ‘The King’, which Swedentoep gives his finest vocal on the album for me, plus the added string orchestration really adds to the overall majesty of the song.

It's back to the full on Hard Rock with the mighty ‘Fate’ and the pounding rhythms of ‘Seven Wonders’, before another of my favourites the funky groove filled ‘Angel Eyes’, which leads us nicely on to yet another of my personal favourites (perhaps it would be easier to call them all my favourites?!?), off the album, the fabulous ‘Heading For Tomorrow’, where Ekland and Larsson trade keys against guitars in a melodic duel, while Lindmark and Johansson keep it real with a massive back beat, with Swedentoep’s towering vocals capping it all of magnificently.

The album closes with the title track ‘Out From The Cold’, like the opener a monstrous way to close a simply stunning album.  I for one can't wait for album number three if the first two are anything to go by, it's sure to be another monster ... no pressure then!.


1. Heroes
2. Run For Your Life
3. One In A Million
4. Six Feet Under
5. Time
6. Save Our Souls
7. The King
8. Face
9. Seven Wonders
10. Angel Eyes
11. Heading For Tomorrow 
12. Out From The Cold 



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