Artist: Concept Of Time
   Title: Suffer In Silence
   Label: Independent Release

Hailing from North of the border Houston Glasgow to be exact Concept of Time are definitely on their way to international success if only they could pick up a deal and on the evidence of this demo this wont be far in the making.

This quartet mix heavy riffs with stirring soaring keyboards all in the name of Melodic Metal, its hard to believe that these guys have only been playing together for twelve or so months because this demo has great maturity about it lyrically sound and musically superb.

The demo opens up with the title track ‘Suffer In Silence’ something the band aren’t about to do in a hurry, this one really gives you a sense of where the band are coming from with big guitars and a powerful rhythm section all interwoven with that soaring keyboard.

The second of the four tracks ‘I Walk Away’ is my favourite of the four this is sheer class from beginning to end it has all the aspects a good Melodic Power Metal track should have a haunting keyboard opening a huge vocal presence that builds into a crescendo of molten melodic metal of the highest calibre.

‘Desolate Wastelands’ is a more up beat track again starting off with a stirring keyboard intro mixed with a fusion of bass and drum that just explodes into a mass of double kick drum and rampaging guitar before retreating once again to a more sedate pace before again the track simply implodes with a splendour such as which I haven’t heard for such a long time.

The final track of this very impressive demo is ‘No More Light’ again such maturity in the track with a choral and piano intro lead by another powerful vocal which are soon joined by the crunching guitars and thumping bass, this is another great multi-layered Metal extravaganza from a band that are destined for greatness, I cant wait to hear a full album from these guys.



1 Suffer In Silence
2 I Walk Away
3 Desolate Wastelands
4 No More Light





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