Artist: Coney Hatch 
   Title: Four
   Label: Frontiers Records

When it comes to iconic Hard Rock band they don’t come any bigger that Toronto’s finest Coney Hatch. Now in 2013 the band of Carl Dixon, Andy Curran, Steve Shelski and Dave Ketchum, return with the aptly title 'Four', the bands first studio album for over two decades, nearer three, with the original line-up.  The last time round was 'Outta Hand'.

It took as near fatal car accident to Dixon for the band to re-ignite the spark that is Coney Hatch and with ‘Four’, the band have not only ignited that spark, but have lit a furnace of Hard Rock.

The album is hard rock at its timeless best and gets underway in true Hatch style with ‘Blown Away’, a big ballsy AOR infused Hard Rocker that ... “does exactly what it says on the tin”... as the title states this one shows the quartet still have to chops to compete with the newbies in the genre.

The hard rocking continues with thumper ‘Boys Club’ and the riff laden ‘Down n' Dirty’, this is what the fans of good hard rock want to hear, this is rock you can relate to, both the older rockers and the new generation of young rock fans who want licks and groove, none of  this political downbeat rock.  Gone are the days of looking down at your sneakers, back is the heads down, head-banging, air guitar rock that made guys raise their fists in salute.

The rock just comes thick and fast with the mellower tones of ‘Do It Again’, leading the way once more for the big riffed rock n' roll of ‘Connected’ and beautifully crafted AOR stylings of ‘Revive’.  The band show a little heavier side with the storming ‘We Want More’, one of my favourite tracks off the album.  This is ballsy rock n' roll that really gets the old juices flowing.

It's time to bring a little boogie blues to proceedings with the excellent ‘Devil U Know’, before the guys put their own spin on the Angels song ‘Marseille’, doing a cover and making it their own on one fail swoop.

The album closes with two very different tracks first up the hard rocking ‘Drivin’, before rounding things off with the acoustic majesty of ‘Holdin On’.  It might have been some 28 years in the making, but 'Four' shows the boys from Toronto can still deliver the goods.  You may not be able to teach and old dog new tricks, but when the tricks are this good, who needs new ones? 

Review by: Barry McMinn


1. Blown Away
2. Boys Club
3. Down & Dirty
4. Do It Again
5. Connected
6. Revive
7. We Want More
8. Devil U Know
9. Marseille
10. Keep Drivin'
11. Holdin' On



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