Artist:  Consortium Project
   Title:   1: Criminals & Kings
   Label: Lion MUsic

This Album comprises re-mastered re-issues of the Consortium Project back catalogue and Lion Music have come up trumps with this opus.

Vocalist Ian Parry started this band after he left ( Elegy) and what you have here is a blistering, powerful album that does not have one disappointing track on it.  'House Of Cards' from start to finish races along like a tsunami on speed.  'Banquet Of Thieves' continues this insane attack on your senses, then the very catchy 'Evil World', with outstanding riffs will have you totally hooked.  

The instrumental 'The Entity' lets you take a breath.  'Change Breeds Contempt' reminded me a bit of Rammstein and leads you nicely into the power ballad 'A Miracle Is All We Need'.

Another two tracks I would urge you to listen to are 'Chain Of Fear' and album closer 'Pandora's Box', which is a blistering finish to a fantastic album. 

'Criminals and Kings' was a pleasant surprise for me and I will be looking to acquire more of Mr.Parry's work in the future, and all the talents of the band, which includes in its arsenal, Stephan Lill (Vanden Plas), Patrick Rondat (Elegy) and Thomas Youngblood (Kamelot).

Review by: Seb Di Gatto


1. House Of Cards
2. Banquet For Thieves
3. Evilworld
4. Garden Of Eden
5. The Entity (Instrumental)
6. Change Breeds Contempt
7. A Miracle Is All We Need
8. The Snake
9. Criminals & Kings 10. Chain Of Fear
11. Pandora's Box
12. A Miracle Is All We Need (bonus acoustic version)
13. Evilworld (bonus demo version)



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