Artist: Constancia
   Title: Lost And Gone
   Label: Frontiers Records

In what has been a great year for Melodic and Hard Rock albums and us only half way through 2009, Frontiers have only gone and added another great one to list with the release of Constancia’s new album 'Lost and Gone'.

Constancia started out as the brainchild of former Scudier/Token keyboard player Mikael Rosengren.  He had written a batch of songs that were just screaming to be completed, recorded and released.  He got in touch with guitarist Janne Stark, who has previously released albums with bands like Overdrive, Locomotive Breath, Balls, Zello etc. asking him to lay down some guitars on the demos.  Janne loved the songs and got even more involved in the guitar arrangements, and the seed of Constancia was planted.

But the band needed a vocalist and David Fremberg soon found himself part of the band with drummer Peter Svensson and Michael Mueller who took up bass duties and so Constancia was complete.

Now to the album which blends traditional Melodic and Hard Rock in one entity to which ‘Lost And Gone’ is the result.

The album opens up with ‘Fallen Hero’ and the sheer quality comes shining through, especially the vocals of Fermberg whose voice was made for this genre.  A soulful yet powerful combination and this blended together with Starks guitars and Rosegren’s soaring keys, all go to make this a simply superb opener.

The melodic bliss continues with ‘Trouble Maker’, a little rockier than the opener but just as good if not better.  With cascading licks from Stark getting things underway, while the majestic keys bringing depth to the track, all the while Fermberg's vocals just exude class.

This is as true a Melodic Rock album as you’ll hear and things continue with 'Blind’, on which first listen I could have sworn it was Steve Overland singing the chorus, as it has that FM feel about it.  As does the next song ‘Little Big You’, both great melody filled tunes that will blow the hard core Melodic Rock fans away.

The band show they can mix it up a little by bringing in a little progressive edge to things with ‘The King Is Calling’, before one of my favourites on the album ‘Dying By Your Flames'.  Again featuring a little prog edge courtesy of Rosengren, but still a great song with Fermberg once again showcasing what a great vocalist he is.

The album continues its more melodic path ‘Save Me’ and ‘No One Like You’, before my pick of the bunch the simply superb ‘Life Is A Mistery’, a gentle moving ballad that just shines on all levels.

The pace is picked up once more with the rocking tones of ‘I Never Said Goodbye’ and ‘I Wish I Could Fly’, before the album closes in impressive style with the epic haunting melodies of ‘’, a great ending to what is a stunning album.



1. Fallen Hero
2. Trouble Maker
3. Blind
4. Little Big You
5. The King Is Calling
6. Dying By Your Flames
7. Save Me
8. No One Like You
9.  Life Is A Mistery
10. I Wish I Could Fly



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