Artist: Construcdead
   Title: The Grand Machinery
   Label: Black Lodge

The Grand Machinery is the third studio release from Swedish Death Metallers Construcdead and is the bands heaviest release to date and their most promising.

The fact that the various band members read like a who's who of the metal fraternity with a list of bands both current and past that make this band one of the most respected in their genre.

Also the fact that the album was recorded in the legendary metal studio Fear And Loathing a studio that has a number of bands inhabiting their premises the likes of Face Down, and the legendary Clawfinger (who also guest on the album).

Grand Machinery is a down to earth metal album full of massively crunching heavy anthems, none more so than the album opener 'A Cog In The Machinery' its intensity and blistering guitars set you on a journey through some of the most brutal since the like of Machine Head and Fear Factory hit the scene.

Tracks like 'In A Moment Of Sobriety' is a far from being just that its immense guitar riffs make this probably the most powerful track on the album as the track progresses so does its intensity.

The rest of the album gathers momentum from here on and never ceases until the last note of the last tracks is heard.

Powerful stuff indeed.  


1. Grand Machinery
2. A Cog In The Machinery
3. The Lustfull
4. In A Moment Of Sobriety
5. 8 Inches Of Flesh
6. The Cynical Revolution
7. Treachery
8. The Eye Of Revelation
9. Pater Noster
10. Rusty Armour
11. Forever Cin
12. Hatelist



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