Artist: Core Of Nation
   Title: Machine World
   Label: Rocksector Records

Hailing from the hot bed of European Metal Stockholm Sweden come Core Of Nation, a hard rock act with their roots planted between the old school Sabbath sound and the new age Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal that is clearly a must with all the new bands out there.

The band don’t step to far from their influences on this debut release, with the heady bass and hard edged guitars the foundation of their sound that comes right out of the early 70’s British Metal bands.

Although this isn’t a throw back album, this nice mix of old and new is refreshing and surely will win the band fans both young and old.  The album gets underway with a deceivingly slow start of ‘Blinded By Light’, but the track quickly progresses in true Hard Rock style as the guitars really take hold.

The title track ‘Machine World’ mixes that Sabbath dark bass tones with a more modern Stoner Metal sound, whilst ‘Urban War’ is more guitar orientated from the off and has a more Heavy Metal edge. 

The album takes a few twists and turns along the way and the groove filled ‘Sell Out’ is such a track it meanders between Funk Metal and the traditional Doom Metal in a almighty mix that works remarkably well.

The band show they have a more restrained side with the more sedate tones of ‘Breed Of Hate’, while still keeping it Metal at the same time, again you can hear the Sabbath influences on this one, a song that reminds me so much of ‘Fairies Wear Boots’ with it multi layered melodies.

The pace is soon picked back up with the riff filled ‘In The Flame Of The Sun’, another really dark track and the metal monster ‘Look Into My Eyes.  The bands mix of Stoner and Heavy Metal are never more abundant than on ‘Welcome To The Pit’, a really good bass ridden track that rocks big style.

The album closes as it began with the multi faceted dark mood ridden ‘The Great Plaque’, which closes an album that I must admit took a few listens to absorb what the band were trying to achieve, but after that I got what they were all about as they pay tribute the their heroes, while still keeping their own personal stylings.



1. Blinded By Light
2. Machine World
3. Urban War
4. Sell Out 
5. Breed Of Hate 
6. In The Flame Of The Gun 
7. Look Into My Eyes 
8. Can't Make Out Reason
9. Welcome To The Pit
10. The Great Plague



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