Artist: Cosmic Ballroom
   Title: Stoned, Broke & Ready To Rumble
   Label: Kick Music

Cosmic Ballroom - Cosmic who I hear you ask. Well if you haven't heard of this band yet then you really want to get out more. This my friends is one of Europe's best kept secrets, but from the sound of this their second album it could very well be the one that breaks them into the bigger arena.

Buzzing with more energy than a 100 watt light bulb, this promo edition of their album starts with the a blistering attack on your senses as they throw you in head first with 'I can't keep my hands Away'. Think 'The Wildhearts' meets 'Backyard Babies' with a twist of stylish punkish fun and what you've got is Cosmic Ballroom. Sneering and sexy they're out to bite you.

This is the type of band you want to hear at festivals to wake you up and blow those cobwebs well and truly away from your weary bones. Who would this album appeal to, well apart from the fans of the 'hearts and the 'babies, anyone who likes songs with a bit of attitude and a whole lot of fun.

Remember the first time your heard Hanoi Rocks sing 'Up around the Bend' and you stood and watched and the place went absolutely mental? One listen to this and you'll get that adrenalin rush that you got when you heard that song and were caught up wanting a piece of the action.

Coming at you at a speed of 100 miles an hour, they simply don't let up. If ever there was an album begging to be played at a party then this is it. Making enemies might be good but making friends is even better and if you turned up at a party with this in your pocket you'd soon have them eating out of your hand.

This six track promo closes with 'Gotta go my Way' which closes off with as much raw passion and energy as it started with. Whoah! After 6 tracks by this band I'm feeling dizzy and excited all at the same time. Just think how good the whole album must be!

Let's hope their label Kick Music realize this bands potential with these songs they have under their wings and bring them over to the UK where I just know they'd go down an absolute storm. We can only hope they see the light and let the band be fully exposed to their thousands of soon to be fans.


   1. I can't keep my hands Away
   2. Never go Blind
   3. L A Heroes
   4. This ain't your Time
   5. It's gonna dig into Me
   6. Gotta go my Way

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