Artist: Cosmics
   Title: A Cosmic Year
   Label: Lion Music

Cosmics is the brainchild of Twinspirits keyboard wiz Daniele Liverani, together with drummer extreme Virgil Donati, young guitar maestro in the making Tommy Ermolli and bassist Rufus Philpot they have undertaken a mammoth task of composing the birth of the universe into just ten momentous pieces of progressive and melodic movements.  I say movement rather than tracks because each elemental vision is so multi-layered to describe it a one track wouldn’t do it justice.

The album’s concept is based on the concept idea from the Carl Sagan book “the Dragons Of Eden’, which is based on the theory of 15,000,000,000 years of universe evolution compared to one solar year, 365 days, 8790 hours, 31,536,000 seconds … a task in itself.

The theory behind Sagan’s book is quite stunning and to put this to music in just ten tracks is an awesome achievement, beginning with what else but the ‘Big Bang’.

This opener is just the beginning of the journey of life as we know it, as Liverani opens up his account with his familiar flamboyant keyboards before Donati and Phipot enter the fray.  The very talented Ermolli completes the package as they take us on a progressive journey to the beginning of it all with a soaring menagerie of keys, outstanding guitars and a soul defying rhythm section, which really set the mood for the entire album.

‘Life Begins’ once again sees Liverani unleashed those dexterous fingers on the keys to great effect once more, as his fellow Twinspirit’s member Ermolli is equally masterful on the six string this is progressive musicianship at its best.

‘Chicxulub’ is where Donati is at his best, this one is drums all the way as the double kick assault bombard the piece with just a touch of keys to bring a little atmosphere to the piece, then its ‘Global Extinction’, this is where Ermolli comes into his own with some quite magnificent fret work, a young guy who is surely destined for greatness.

The album ebbs and flows between the mystical and the flamboyant as each track unfolds a plethora of layers from soaring keys to exuberant guitar riffs, stirring bass lines and thunderous drum parts, this is a Progressive mine field of bombastic proportions.

With Liverani bringing life to the likes of ‘Omination’ and the ‘History Begins’, but it's 'Emperors & Gods’ that gets my vote as track of the album its marching rhythm and soar away keys make the listener envisage the like of Ancient Egypt, The Roman Empire, The Greeks and the civilizations that ruled the world for many a millennia all brought together in one impressive work.

The closing piece ‘The Last Second’ brings life up to date as the band take us through the rise of modern man and machine, interwoven with news clips and sound bites of events that have changed modern man.

This quite extraordinary work is without a doubt something rather special and will go down in the anoles of Prog Rock history as a defining moment and one that marks the beginning of a great concept band.

I leave you with this thought ... “The last second of the cosmic year equals to approximately 475 years, and we're still living it!”



1 Big Bang
2 Life Birth
3 Giants Domination
4 Chicxulub Extinction
5 Global Extinction
6 Omination
7 History Begins
8 Emperors & Gods
9 Voyages Of Discovery
10 The Last Second



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