Artist: The Cotton Soeterboek Band
   Title: Twisted
   Label: Caf Fine Records

Ok, it’s time to dust down those flared jeans and denim shirts as this album ‘Twisted’ is a throwback to the times when real classic rock was at its very best in the 70’s, and hell doesn’t this band do it justice, big style!

The band are ‘The Cotton Soeterboek Band’, named after its two main members Robert Soeterboek and Alan Cotton, so if the likes of early Whitesnake and Deep Purple in its ‘Burn’ era do it for you, then you’re in for a real treat because this is the nearest you’ll hear to these bands.

‘Set me free’, with its choppy guitar riff and neatest of touches on keyboards transport you back there, the harmonies so familiar they switch on that button in your head, and you just can’t help but tap your foot and nod your head in unison, that sound makes you feel so at home.

‘Pretty Maureen’, (surely a first for song title with that name in!) oozes class with its bluesy touches on guitar that eases the song along, whilst Soeterboek seems to have been born to sing it, his voice uncannily perfect for what is needed here. There’s only one other person that could have done this job, but he’s probably busy with his own band now getting ready for this year’s Donnington Festival!

The title track ‘Twisted’ has got a raunchy feel to it, due to the drawn out vocals and keyboards, the guitar sounding as its been lifted straight out ‘Foxy Lady’ in parts that gets your hips swaying … if you’re a girl that is!

Surprisingly there’s only one slowish track here, ‘Leave me blue’, beginning with a finger-picked guitar and piano, before it picks up a bit due to the guitar solo mid way through and another good riff shoved in here and there. Again it’s the harmonies that shine as they do throughout the whole album which is a miss on quite a few occasions these days.

The band show their southern rock side with ‘Gold and Gray’, which gets those toes a-tapping and maybes the odd “Yee-haw” if you really get carried away, where ‘Still of the Night’ (not that one), with the funky blues piano being the main ingredient, really goes for it from start to finish, a good old-fashioned rock love song just on the right side of sloppiness!

Things eventually come to an end with ‘The Game’, another track that harks back to those 70’s times that had everyone going and still does now judging by some of the newer bands and the way they are setting their stalls out.

This can only be a good thing as it’ll open the doors for younger fans to explore the earlier bands they’ve missed out on, so if they cotton on to this band maybe the album will make waves in the right places because on evidence of it, it deserves to get a listen to by a wider audience, maybe via the rock radio stations out there.

The only downside to the album is that at just over 30 minutes long, its possibly 3 songs too short for such a good one, so maybe their next release could be just that bit longer if they push themselves as they seem very capable to do it.  

Review by: Bob



1. Set Me Free
2. Pretty Maureen
3. Twisted
4. Colorado
5. Leave Me Blue
6. Little Sister
7. Gold And Grey
8. Still Of The Night
9. The Game



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