Artist:  Counterhold
   Title: All Of Them Slain
   Label: Independent Release

Hailing from Cwmbran, South Wales we have the behemoth that is Counterhold! With this album 'All Of Them Slain', these Welsh rockers deliver some gripping hostile metal, they open with 'Disease' and when Steve Jenkins tells you, ... "you are a goddamn fucking disease" ... you  truly believe him, this is a lethal song to open a terrific album.  Like a pick-axe bearing down on an unforgiving coal face 'Time To Die' digs in deep relentless and splintering as David Birbeck and Karl Silverthorn crack out some super riffs.  Ben Saunders pounding and deep grooving bass thunders along, Ryan Salter's drums explode into a machine gun frenzy and Jenkins voice is brutish, fierce and a real killer. 

'Out for Dead' is more of a slower, melodic tune and Jenkins vocals have the vibe and style of Ian Astbury from The Cult, this could easily of been on 'Rain' by the aforementioned band! 'Hellsgates' races and cracks like the whips of Satanís minions, a brilliant solo carries the song to it's scintillating end.    

The lyrics for the whole of 'All Of Them Slain' are intelligent and really catch your imagination especially on 'The Beast Within' and the breath taking 'Walk on Water' running at nearly nine minutes itís expressive, heartfelt and meaningful and a bit of a masterpiece! The musical arrangement on this monster is stunning and so well laid out, it is excellent and needs to be heard to be believed! 

'Stand or Die' has a sing-along chorus and will be a crowd pleaser.  Next 'Children of a Lesser God' sees the drums detonate and deathly growls emanate as these Welsh dragons breathe fire and life into the room.  'Victim of a Parasite' again shows the bands brilliance and is a bloodsucking killer harboring deep seated hate.  'Get Out' is the albums second longest track and personally I always think itís a brave thing for an unestablished band to have such lengthy tracks, but with this song and 'Walk of Water', they have done a marvelous job.  The final tracks on here 'Inner Scream' plus a bonus track are like the whole record really first class!

Counterhold are a band to take notice of, this band bring something new to the table and having already  played support slots with the likes of Sepultura, Darkest Hour, Blaze Bailey, Diamond Head, Revoker, Evil Scarecrow, Iron Knights, Malefice, Dave McPherson, Glamour of the Kill, Marseille, Forever Never, Seven Deadly and Beholder.

The future is not only looking bright itís looking dazzling, in fact I can honestly say this is my favourite album from a smaller band I have heard all year! So check out and spend your hard earned cash on 'All Of Them Slain' and catch this up and coming band live!! 

Review by: Seb Di Gatto


1. Disease
2. Time To Die
3. Out For Dead
4. Hell Gates
5. The Beast Within
6. Fatal Taunt
7. Walk On Water
8. Stand Or Die
9. Children Of A Lesser God
10. Victim Of A Parasite
11. Get Out
12. Inner Scream
13. Isolation



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