Artist: David Coverdale
   Title: Into The Light
   Label: EMI Records

A welcome return to one of our all time rock legends and heroes, the former frontman to Whitesnake ... David Coverdale!

'Into The Light' is a well put together album consisting of a wonderful mixture of soft ballads and bluesy rock. Fans of Mr Coverdale will not be disappointed with this album, and even those of you who aren't die-hard fans should find something to appeal to you on here.

The songs throughout are soft and swing through the various moods of the human soul. When I first saw this album was out I thought, yeh well, I'm not sure whether I want to get a copy or not. For me the later years of Whitesnake killed the passion I once had for this mighty singer and his voice. He went just that step too far to being commercial and in the process killed off most of his earlier fans who had followed his progress through the years with eager anticipation.  Well I did get the CD in the end, and did I enjoy it? OH YES, indeed I did.

This album shows our hero once again in touch with his true self and reminded me of his very first album back in February 1977, it was called 'Whitesnake' and showed that rock can have a sensitive soul bearing thread to it.

This new album was a treat to my ears and made a refreshingly different album to listen to when compared to some of his past releases. There's more than one track that could be described as suitable for mainstream radio play and depending on his motives, I would like to see them released as singles over the coming year.

'She Gives Me...' has a very addictive tempo that grabs you from the beginning and will keep your foot tapping throughout to the very last note. 'Cry for Love' is much the same.

Many of the songs on this album seem to have been written with particular past experiences in mind and this makes them all the more wonderful as you can relate to the meaning behind the words.

'Too Many Tears' is a classic example of this. The only thing is now we will expect him to tour and show us he is still the showman who can give it all and some more.

Will he grace the stage with his presence again? Only time will tell. If you like your rock soft and but with a nice beat running throughout like an invisible thread then I thoroughly recommend you give this album a spin. Welcome back David all is forgiven, we always suspected we hadn't heard the last of you.



 1. Into the Light
 2. River Song
 3. She gives Me
 4. Don't you Cry
 5. Love is Blind
 6. Slave
 7. Cry for Love
 8. Living on Love
 9. Midnight Blue
 10. Too many Tears
 11. Don't lie to Me
 12. Wherever you may Go



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