Artist: Covered Call
   Title: Money Never Sleeps
   Label: Blistering Records

Although it's only mid March this year is looking great for the Melodic/Hard Rock crowd with a wealth of great releases already on the shelves ... and here’s another one to look out for!

Sweden’s Covered Call are the latest band to set the hairs on the back of my neck on end.  At first glance the album's cover lend you to wonder what kind of band Covered Call are because of the albums cover artwork and the band photo with them all done up in their Sunday best suit’s and ties, but fear not as I’m about to explain.

Several of this band's musicians and backers also work in the tumultuous stock market, hence the name, Covered Call [an investors term referring to having a long position in an asset combined with a short position in a call option on the same underlying asset], so there you are, simply don’t judge an audit book by its cover.

Now back to the album itself, right from the opener ‘All Because Of You’ which is a stormer of an opening assault that sets the pace for the rest of the album, with Thomas Vikström’s vocals being one of the major talking points around the bands sound.  Thomas is joined by Thomas Thulin on bass, Ronny Svanströmer on drums, Joel Carlsson on guitar and backing vocals and Morgan Rosenquist also on guitar.  I have to say this band sure have the right quality of musicianship to go all the way. 

The album continues it’s Hard Rock path with ‘Til The End’, a great mix of crunching guitar solos and a tremendous Melodic rhythm section courtesy of Svanströmer and Thulin, all wrapped around the warm vocals of Vikström.

But one of the best tracks not only of the album but this year from a Melodic Rock band has to be the superb ‘Shine’.  This one is as top drawer a song as they get with Vikström really showing what a great vocal talent he really is on this one.

The album simply gets better and better as track after track excels and make you hit the repeat button on the CD player.

With the likes of the rocking ‘Never Again’, ’I Wanna Be Free’ and the sublime ballad ‘Anything You Want’, there is not a track on this album that won't stir some emotion in the listener.

To say this album has something for everyone is untrue, but to say it has everything for the hardened Melodic/Hard Rock fan out there is true.  From rockers to ballads, melodies to hard-edged riffs, this is one of the best albums I’ve heard this year so far.


1. All Because Of Me
2. Til' The End
3. Shine
4. Never Again
5. Anything You Want
6. I Wanna Be Free
7. Nothing At All
8. Money Never Sleeps
9. What About Us
10. Let's Make It Real



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