Artist: Crash Diet
   Title: Generation Wild
   Label: Frontiers Records

Crash Diet came bursting on the scene back at the dawn of the new millennium when music seemed to be the puppet of the corporations and bands where thrown aside if they weren’t seen a popular or trendy.  But out of the ashes of such turbulence came Sweden’s shining light Crash Diet, a band who definitely weren’t the vision of the mass media but were the first Glam/Sleaze band to be signed to a major label in ten years.

Since then the band haven’t been without their fare share of turmoil as on 20th January 2006, singer Dave Lepard was found dead in his apartment after committing suicide.  The band almost called it a day but fan pressure led the band to find a new front man and in stepped Olliver, but then in 2008 and after only one album, Olliver left the band.

So what happened  after that for the band?  Well in 2010 the band return with a new lead singer in the shape of Simon Cruz, a new label and a new album in the form of 'Generation Wild'. 

Well that’s the history lesson done now, let's get down to the album.  As an old school glamster this album really gets my vote of approval, mixing the heady Sunset Strip of the likes of L.A. Guns with the New Jersey Hard Rockin' of Skid Row, add to that the sheer down to earth grit of W.A.S.P. and this band tick all the boxes for me.  The album is straight up rock n' roll with more than an ounce of pure adrenalin fuelled sleaze.

The album opens up with the intro '442’ before it’s kick starts properly with ‘Armageddon’, and from here on the hooks are bigger than a shark fisherman’s tackle and the licks bigger and meaner a pack of hungry wolfhounds.

It's all systems go from here on in with the excellent ‘So Alive’ and the tremendous groove filled title track ‘Generation Wild’, followed by the L.A. Guns vibe of ‘Rebel’.  All great rock tunes that will just blow you away.  But the band aren’t simply a one trick pony and do deliver on the more gentle rock side and one of my favourite moments on the album has to be ‘Save Her’, a great gentle Hard Rock song that is a real shining light on this superb release.

It's soon back to the full on rock n' roll with the maximum throttle of ‘Down With The Dust’, before sliding into the southern groove with the Skid Row-esque ‘Native Nature’.  A real ball buster of a rock song full of groove and swagger that will rock away those weekday blues.  A great song to prepare for the weekend to.

Another of my favourite songs from the album has to be ‘Chemical’.  Again a really great rock song that has that familiar Scandinavian feel of Backyard Babies meets Americana rock in a Vain mode.

The album closes with two tremendous slices of good time rock first up with ‘Bound To Fall’ with its real 80’s feel to this one, then the closer the excellent ‘Beautiful Pain’, which really is the icing on the cake for me.  This one could easily come of White Lion’s 'Pride' album as Cruz gives one of his best vocal performances of the entire album.  This all goes to wrap up what is a truly great album and one that will put Crash Diet back on the map for sure. 

Track Listing:  

01. 442 (Intro)
02. Armageddon
03. So Alive
04. Generation Wild
05. Rebel
06. Save Her
07. Down With The Dust
08. Native Nature
09. Chemical
10. Bound To Fall
11. Beautiful Pain 



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