Artist: Crash The System
   Title: The Crowning
   Label: Frontiers Records

Crash The System is a project that came about as a collaboration between Sören Kronqvist and Daniel Flores in the fall of 2008, but this project is something special as the pair have enlisted the cream of Sweden’s rock vocalists for this album with Göran Edman (Ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum, Brazen Abbot, etc), Mats Levén (Ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, Infinite Mass, etc), Thomas Vikström (Ex-Talk Of The Town, Candlemass, etc) and Björn Jansson (Ex-Ride The Sky, Tears Of Anger,etc).  Flores himself performs on the drums, guitars, bass, keyboards, strings and backing vocals, with Kronqvist on keyboards, rhythm guitars and bass.  Not only do the pair bring forth the best vocals Sweden has produced, but also class line-up of additional musicians, with additional guitars from Johan Niemann, Daniel Palmqvist, Manuel Lewys, additional keyboards by Andreas Lindahl and additional backing vocals by Angelica Rylin. Phew!

So on to the album, well with a vocal line-up like the above, the mouth had already started watering in anticipation of what was to come from the album and believe me the world of Melodic/Hard Rock is in for real treat when word gets round about how great this album is.

Things get underway with ‘Fight Fire With Fire’ and instantly the sheer class of this album is felt.  Right from the beginning this track had such an impact, that I knew that this was gonna be a great album and my lord I wasn’t wrong!  This Hard Rock opener is sheer bliss to the ears with some great guitar licks and superb vocals courtesy of Göran Edman.

This classy album continues in with the excellent solid ball of rock that is ‘All Because Of You’ and that wealth of quality is here again in buckets.  This time we see Mats Levén taking up the vocal duties on this song.  While the vocals are great on this album, you have to admire the musicianship in equal quantities as Flores and Kronqvist have written a truly great score for this album.

Things continue with ‘I Still Believe In Love’, this time featuring more of that familiar Melodic Rock sound, with some great guitar work and a solid backbone rhythm section that really showcases another great song.  As I listen to the album for the umpteenth time I just can't fault any track, it's just killer track after killer track.  The tempo just slows down a touch with the first ballad of the album ‘Love Is In Your Eyes’ and one that shows that Flores and Kronqvist have their heads firmly screwed on when it comes to contemporary hard rock.  They also they have an ear for a great ballad and this is one hell of ballad.

The album returns to the rockier side of things with ‘Take A Chance’, with a little progressive metal for this one.  Again the musicianship is exceptional as well as the mighty powerful vocals.

With thirteen tracks on one album you’d expect maybe one that doesn’t hit the mark, but on this album every one is just superb.  This album's strength is in the quality of song and music, so hats off to Flores and Kronqvist for a job done superbly.

‘Enough Of Your Lovin’ is pure Melodic heaven, whilst ‘Mysterious’ is more AOR orientated, hinting more towards a Journey-esque path.  ‘Angel Of My Heart’ keeps the old school flag flying and for those who just love a power ballad there’s ‘Rolling Stone’.  If I had to pick just one favourite track from this album then the next song would be a very strong contender.  That song is ‘Don’t Tell Me Lies’, although this isn’t going to happen because to pick just one track wouldn’t be respectful to this album, as each track has something magical about it, and that’s what makes this one hell of an album.

It's not finished yet though as we move on to ‘Broken Glass’, where we get a chance to become a little groove filled, before arriving at ‘Higher And Higher’, which is just ear candy. The album closes with ‘Without Chances’ and I tell you what, this song is just magnificent and those soulful vocals of Björn Jansson bring to close one of the best Melodic/AOR/Hard Rock albums I’ve heard this year.


1. Fight Fire With Fire
2. All Because Of You
3. I Still Believe In Love
4. Love Is In Your Eyes
5. Take A Chance
6. Enough Of Your Lovin
7. Mysterious
8. Angel Of My Heart
9. Rolling Stone
10. Don't Tell Me No Lies
11. Broken Glass
12.Higher And Higher
13. Without Chances 



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