Artist:  Creozoth
   Title: Creozoth
   Label: Escapi Music

Taking a break from Candlemass, guitarist Lars Johansson and drummer Jan Lindh have put together Creozoth, and together with the vocal talents of Michael Storck and Torvjorn Moen on bass guitar completing the line up, they have an album that is a long way from Candlemass.

This is more a metal orientated band and steers away from the doom metal sound of Candlemass.
 This album is based around the guitars of Johansson and the vocals of Storck which both seem to compliment each other quite well.

The album opens up with the riff strewn 'With The Flow' and from this the album builds and grows from strength to strength.
 There are thirteen tracks of pure melodic metal on this album and I cant find fault with any of them.

'Stares Back' is another heavy guitar orientated track and the voice of Storck is at its most intense and powerful on this track. The album continues with the immense 'Forsaken' a more slower paced track but still having plenty of screaming guitars for those traditionalists out there. The pace soon picks up again with the likes of 'Minute U Die' and 'Intoxicatedead' both of which show what Johansson can really do as a guitarist. The real star of the album has to be Michael Storcks vocals as the album progresses his voice just seems to get better and better.

Other stand out tracks is the heavy bass laden 'Watch 'n Wait' and the riff loaded 'Bad Day'. The final two tracks on the album show the diversity of Johansson's guitar playing with 'Dash' you get the fret burning guitar riffs and with 'Spectorized' you get a more mellow guitar sound both of which round off a superb album.

The traditional metal album has taken a back seat over the last couple of years to the more symphonic metal but this year has seen some fine metal albums being released the likes of Primal Fear, Seven Witches, Exodus and Wet Animal all producing quality metal albums this year and Creozoth is right up their with these albums. 


   1. With the Flow
   2. Stares Back
   3. Forsaken 
   4. Minute U Die
   5. Intoxicatedead
   6. For your Amusement
   7. Watch 'n Wait
   8. State of Shock
   9. Bad Day
  10. Mind
  11. You don't Know
  12. Dash
  13. Spectorized


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