Artist:  Crimes Of Passion
   Title: To Die For
   Label: DR2 Records

Out of the ashes they came, a new frontman, a new name and a whole lot of attitude to boot, of course I’m talking about Crimes of Passion, one of the most hard working bands around.

The band used 2011 not only to extend their touring outside of the UK and into Europe, with tours with the mighty Saxon and Anvil, but the band also managed to find the time to set to work on their long awaited second album, which followed up their self-titled 2008 release.

Since that debut the band have undergone a few changes, both in line-up and overall musical sound.  With this new album the band have gone for a more Melodic Metal sound, that I think suits Dale Radcliffe’s vocals more.  This was just touched upon on the first album, but with 'To Die For', this is a more dominant feature and really shows the band are pushing themselves to the next level.

The album opens up with the intro ’Be Still My Waiting Heart’, before really kicking off with ‘Body And Soul’. A real gritty opening that drives this one, before Radcliffe unleashes those impressive pipes and the rich Melodic Metal comes over in titanic waves, with Kev Tonge’s power drumming and the massive bass lines of Simon Ferns, all interwoven with the twin guitars of Harry Griffiths and Charles Staton.  This is definitely the Crimes of Passion for tomorrow.

The album continues with the single ‘Blown Away.  This is the first of two versions of the song that feature on this album.  This version being the single version, with the second one being the album version, which closes the proceedings.  But back to this version.  First of all this is the band at the melody rich best, while still remaining true to the metal edginess that has now become the bands persona.  Big towering guitars guide this one along with some of Radcliffe’s best vocals on the album.

The band really unleash the metal beast inside with the massive ‘Hell And Back’, a raw bass driving thumper and the riff laden ‘I Dare You To Try’.  Featuring a massive bass line that runs through this one, although the guitars of Griffiths and Staton are the real stars of this one.  Towering fiery licks that just explode in true fret burning style.  One of the best Metal tracks I’ve heard this year.

The rich vocal melodies return with the excellent ‘ Love Is To Die For’, again with that rich vein of guitar licks and a massive back beat, to keep this one true to the metal formula that has become Crimes Of Passion over recent years.

Things just keep getting better as each track is unleashed, as the full on Metal of the superb ‘Blackened Heart’ (which features the vocals of one Biff Byford), delivers a real anthemic punch to the mid rift, then it's time for the twin guitars to really show their metal on the fantastic ‘I Think I Can Save You’.

It's foot to the floor once more with the streaming metal of ‘Dream Again’.  A blistering mix of power licks and crushing bass and drums.  A real taste of the modern age of Metal, then the band really go for the jugular like never before with the epic ‘Let The Punishment Fit The Crime’.  An angst filled opus that is full of shock and awe and will probably divide the bands fans as this is their heaviest track to date and their most grandiose.

We're back to the melodic metal with ‘Accidents Happen, Even More’, another massive song for Radcliffe as he powers through with such ease, before the album closes with the extended version of the single ‘Blown Away’, (you get an extra 1 min 15 seconds with this extended album version), and I must say, this is the version I prefer of the two.  It also rounds off a very, very good album from a band that have gone from strength to strength over recent years, and with 2012 just in, its infancy, I’m sure that we are going to hear a lot more of Crimes Of Passion over the next twelve months ... and I for one can't wait to see this new line-up perform these songs live!


1. Be Still My Heating Heart
2. Body And Soul
3. Blown Away
4. Hell And Back
5. I Dare You To Try
6. Love Is To Die For
7. Blackened Heart
8. I Think I Can Save You
9. Dream Again
10. Let The Punishment Fit The Crime
11. Sacrifice, No Question Why
12. Accidents Happen, Even Here
13. Blown Away



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