Artist: Crowning Glory
   Title: Path To Glory (EP) / Dead Mans Paradise (Single)
   Label: Rise Above Records

Crowning Glory are one of those bands who are about the set the British Metal/Rock scene alight (you read right, a British Metal band) with their hard hitting guitar fuelled rock that will shake the very foundations of the scene.  That earthquake a few weeks ago wasn’t Mother Earth reminding us she rules, but someone somewhere putting on Crowning Glory’s 'Path Of Glory' EP and turning it up to 11.

This band will surely make the same impact of you as they did me, if you like no nonsense riff filled Hard Rock/Metal with a certain old school charm, but with a more modern up to date feel.

The EP gets underway with ‘Sea Of Dead Dreams’ there are no fancy intros or world changing narratives, it's straight into the real meat and bones of the EP with guitars a blazing courtesy of Tom Draper, then the power-driven rhythms of drummer Grant Eskriett and bassist Nick Smith add the raw power of the track.  Now it's time for Robert Alexander to take up the mike and the power meter just runs into overload.  From here on in there’s no turning back for the quartet really rock up a storm, especially Draper who can really power through the riffs.

This pace just doesn’t slow down as the band continue with ‘The Other Side’, with Draper leading from the front once again, whilst Alexander gives us a glimpse of what his vocals can achieve, as he goes from high to low in the blink of an eye without sounding stretched at all.

The third of the studio tracks is ‘Sands Of Time’, another gritty balls to the wall rocker, then we get a chance to hear what the band sound like live with ‘In My Head’.  Although the sound isn’t superb, this gives us a great example of the power the band can produce live.

The second of the live tracks is the bands new single ‘Dead Mans Paradise’, which I have also been sent, so does the live version compare to the studio version?  Well the live version is a much faster and raw version.  Whereas the studio version is more polished, but but both versions manage to encapsulate the essence of the band with a sound that is very NWOBHM and reminds me very much of the likes of Raven and Blitzkrieg in the heyday of the whole NWOBHM scene.  It's a joy to hear it's making a come back because the British Metal scene needs a new injection of life and these boys sure do have the tools to do the job.  Let's hope a full length album is on its way.



1 Sea Of Dead Dreams
2 The Other Side
3 Sands Of Time
4 In My Head (Live)
5 Dead man's Paradise (Live)





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